Denture ice cube trays

I don't care what these people say: There's no way these taste as good as real dentures. (Available at fine gag retailers and tacky cocktail parties everywhere.) Frozen Smiles product page [ via Technabob] PreviouslyTetris ice cube traysBanana clip tray makes ice bullets
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5 Responses to Denture ice cube trays

  1. Atomic Cow says:

    I have these. As long as you’re careful removing the ice teeth from the mold they’re great. Otherwise they tend to break in the thinner non-teeth area.

  2. SamSam says:

    My dentist friend gave me some of these. They’re great! They’re very realistic — I assume that they’re molded from a real person’s mouth. I just wish they could be personalized…

  3. Paula Wirth says:

    These look especially good in a fizzy drink, served in a short, clear glass…

    Found them at:

  4. WalterBillington says:

    I wuv beez!

  5. Splendor says:

    I gave these to my mom for her 50th birthday last month. She was not impressed.

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