Just another day at the HP OfficeCalc 300

HP, which sort of got its start making calculators, is still churning out new models. I find this particular new one, the HP OfficeCalc 300, moderately beautiful, if only for its physical switches and built-in "Check & Correct" memory buttons. (I would pretend the "Correct" button is a way to encourage the calculator for its good performance.) HP's 2009 calculators [HP.com]
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9 Responses to Just another day at the HP OfficeCalc 300

  1. drtwist says:

    Like HP’s PC’s HP’s calculators are no longer designed in-house. while PC’s are OEM/ODMed by folks like foxconn and wistron, the calculators are now designed/manufactured by kinpo electronics.

    there’s a great article on hp’s shutdown of their calculator operations here:


  2. Anonymous says:

    It can’t possibly be a real HP calculator – it has an “=” key :^P RPN forever!

  3. salsaman says:

    Where’s the ENTER key?!

  4. monopole says:

    HP, which sort of got its start making calculators.

    Um, HP got it’s start building Audio Oscillators in 1939, and built precision test equipment for decades. While they did introduce the first scientific pocket calculator the HP-35 in 1972, 33 years after it’s founding.

    Sort of like saying IBM got it’s start building laptops.

  5. Mister Staal says:

    #3 for prez


    IIRC, IBM, the former International Business Machines Corporation did get its start making calculators.

  7. Joel Johnson says:

    @Monopole: I stand corrected!


    I still use my vacuum tube 1950s era H-P 200CD sig gen. It works perfectly and has lower distortion than the modern solid state ones that I’ve had.
    My last H-P calculator lasted 10 years, which was a good run, but nothing like the 200CD’s half century.

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