Rumor: Palm to release Pre for as low as $149 with contract, $399 without

According to Russian site Mobile Review, Palm's incredible Pre handset will be sold for under $200... if you're willing to sign a two year contract. I believe this is the relevant part:
ЭÑ‚о пеÑ€вый аппаÑ€аÑ‚ на Nova, функционалÑŒносÑ‚ÑŒ уже поняÑ‚на, как и особенносÑ‚и оÑ€ганизации инÑ‚ерфейса. ÐœоделÑŒ имееÑ‚ несколÑŒко уникалÑŒнÑ‹Ñ… черт, обо всеÑ… мÑ‹ и поговоÑ€им по очеÑ€еди. ГовоÑ€я об оÑ‚сутсÑ‚вии сложнÑ‹Ñ… жесÑ‚ов я Ñ€исковал наÑ€ваÑ‚ÑŒся на возмущение внимаÑ‚елÑŒнÑ‹Ñ… чиÑ‚аÑ‚елей.
Potrzebie. A more Gallic-friendly description of Palm's rumored pricing comes courtesy of Unwired View:
The earlier quoted $399 price for Palm Pre was actually for a handset without contract on Sprint. And it is only one of the possible price points Palm is contemplating. Another one is $499 for a phone without contract. So when Palm Pre starts shipping on Sprint in summer of 2009, the actual pricing should be either $399/$149 or $499/$199 for no-contract/2-year contract Pre. However, the final decision will be based on the competitive landscape, when the next gen iPhone and Storm devices will make their appearances around that time.
I am just loving the Pre, and these sorts of rumors aren't doing anything to dampen my spirits: if Palm and Sprint can undercut the price of the iPhone, Apple's got a lot of reason to worry... and contractless Pres are only reason to celebrate from a consumerist perspective. You are just spiking this one, Palm.
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14 Responses to Rumor: Palm to release Pre for as low as $149 with contract, $399 without

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love how a small segment of Iphone therefore I am crowd gets so defensive. “The name i stupid!” Yeah – the thing is the have blown past apple in a couple way most notably the ability to multitask. I don’t use have the apps on my iphone because it is too annoying to get interrupted. What is vaporware is apple’s notification system which even concept sounds clunky. I can’t imagine why everything needs to go back to a server just to tell me something needs my attention. Terrible.

    The big question is why be so belligerent if you don’t like the phone? Competition is good.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think the name is okay, even if a bit mundane but not enough to get pissed off about. Jeez.

    As for the GSM thing.. DAMN! Idiots. Why are they locking themselves in?

    Fabulously Broke in the City
    Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Are you on crack, John?

    First of all, there’s the ridiculous name. “Pre” – as in “before”? Pre-what, exactly? “Pre Smartphone”? The name implies we’re still waiting for something else, something better. Man, what a stupid name.

    Second, it’s still vaporware until it actually ships, and Palm was notably conspicuous in not announcing a ship date – nor even a price. Neither is a good sign.

    Third, it’s Sprint-exclusive! That seems like a tacit admission that Palm’s ceding the GSM market to iPhone and Blackberry, and relegating themselves to niche status. iPhone and Blackberry owners aren’t going to switch phones AND carriers for a “Pre”, even if by some miracle the Pre’s cheaper than an iPhone (with contract)…

    …especially since none of the existing Palm apps work on it, meaning all of Palm’s existing legacy customers have no built-in incentive to stick with the platform anymore. Meanwhile, there’s zero buzz about developers flocking to this new OS. (And painfully little info about the OS, its stability and performance, not to mention battery life.)

    Oh, and by the time the Pre actually ships, it’ll have to compete with the _third_ generation iPhone.

    Other than that, it sure is pretty, wireless charging is cool, and I like the combo big screen and slide-out physical keyboard. But it’s too little too late.

    Two years ago – Pre-iPhone – this product would’ve been revolutionary. But in the harsh light of 2009 it just looks like a belated attempt to play catch up to the iPhone. Which is all that it is.

  4. Fred Ochsenhirt says:

    Still not interested until it’s on a network that actually has coverage outside of the city center. Around here, Sprint doesn’t adequately cover the suburbs, much less the areas further out. Great if you live in Manhattan, perhaps, crap if you live in vast Middle America.

  5. barc0001 says:

    “First of all, there’s the ridiculous name. “Pre” – as in “before”? Pre-what, exactly? “Pre Smartphone”? The name implies we’re still waiting for something else, something better. Man, what a stupid name.”

    I love this attitude. Everyone had it about 2 and a half years ago over another gadget. They were all saying “Wii! Sounds like Pee! What a stupid name! Nintendo what are you thinking? Just another sign they’re irrelevant and going down.”

    Nintendo went down all right. Down to the bank with their tractor trailers full of money.

  6. Clay says:

    I guess $149 vs $199 seems like a lot more savings than $1729 vs $1799.

    Palm will only compete on the illusion of price; Sprint has the opportunity to compete on the reality of price.

    Overpriced data plans aside, though… I still want a Pre.

  7. zuzu says:

    That’s another complaint of mine: too much use of this prefix ‘pre-,’ it’s all over the language now, ‘pre-’ this, ‘pre-’ that. “Place the turkey in a pre-heated oven.” That’s ridiculous, there’s only two states an oven can possibly exist in, heated or un-heated! ‘Pre-heated’ is a meaningless fucking term. It’s like ‘pre-recorded,’ “this program was pre-recorded,” well of course it was pre-recorded, when else are you gonna record it, afterwards? That’s the whole purpose of recording, to do it beforehand. Otherwise, it doesn’t really work, does it? ‘Pre-existing,’ ‘pre-planning,’ ‘pre-screening.’ You know what I tell these people? “Pre-suck my genital situation!” And, they seem to understand what I’m talking about.

    – George Carlin

  8. Halloween Jack says:

    “Pre-suck my genital situation!”

    Bless you, Zuzu. This is my new motto.

  9. Zan says:

    Hmm, $149 w/ contract + $200 ETF = $349
    $349 < $399

    I don’t see any reason to buy the no-contract version.

  10. strider_mt2k says:

    I’m rooting for ‘em, yet I have no plans to get one.

  11. zuzu says:


    …just as soon as it’s available as a GSM worldphone.

  12. Anonymous says:

    What would be the benefit of going contractless with a CDMA phone? To be on Verizon? This is hopefully GSM pricing.

  13. Anonymous says:

    In one of the video interviews, the Palm rep says that it’s “exclusive to Sprint”, I think.

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