Today is a good day to type...with a Klingon keyboard

Cherry sells this keyboard with Klingon keycaps, perfect for transcribing the works of Shakespeare in their original language. Like the most robust battle keyboards, it attaches to your console via the hardened PS/2 interface. HIHIvqa' may' pequ' moH! Klingon Language Wired Standard Keyboard - £43.99 inc VAT [] (Thanks, Riazm!)
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11 Responses to Today is a good day to type...with a Klingon keyboard

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve asked for this keyboard and a velvet print of this for Christmas:

  2. Anonymous says:

    bah only a petaQ would use anything other than a full-sized DIN connector, for BATTLE HARDENED strength and incompatibility with federation systems.

    Also a full-din connector would have no resale value – lessening the Ferengi interest, a plus for the Klingons.

  3. Banksynergy says:

    Bah, I clicked the first Anonymous link instead of the second one.
    Re: link #1: give Liz a break, she’s young. We alllll make mistakes, and I’m sure you’ve done enough already that she regrets it.
    Back on-topic… I’m sure enough of these will sell to make me ashamed to be human. Don’t people have something better to spend money on?
    (*hides the Halo replica Energy Sword in the closet*)

  4. danco says:

    What? Klingons don’t use USB?

  5. Ingmar says:

    And they still need those pesky Win keys?

  6. urshrew says:

    What’s Klingon for “F4″?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Actually Marc Okrand created the Klingon Language and the Klingon Dictionary..

  8. Anonymous says:

    Actually James Doohan created the Klingon words used in Star Trek The Motion Picture. Marc Okrand was hired to create Klingon for Star Trek III The Search for Spock. Marc used the work Doohan had created as a starting point so that all the Klingon used in the movies would be “correct”.

    So in short, Okrand created the Klingon language (tlhIngan Hol) using the work Doohan did as a starting point.

    DaH tlhIngan Hol yIghojchoH! yIlo’!

  9. Halloween Jack says:

    Only a petaQ would still use PS2.

  10. misterscott says:

    You all seem to forget that we need to thank James Doohan {Mr. Scott} for the Klingon dictionary. If it wern’t for him, we may have never heard the spoken klingon.

  11. Anonymous says:

    And a font to use it with.

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