Trongs, the future of finger food

Ribs. Wings. Shrimp. BBQ. These shuddering words introduce the latest tool to further man's gout-inducement strategy: Trongs! These plastic grips, resembling nothing other than cheap Halloween vampire teeth, slip over your fingers to provide a clean grip on finger foods, without all the mess — or fun — of sucking sauce from your dripping digits. Dishwasher safe, a dozen Trongs can be purchased for just $5, plus shipping. Trongs product page []
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8 Responses to Trongs, the future of finger food

  1. Honad says:

    Bags, bags, bags, where are all the bags?

    They’re in the bag hutch!

  2. wastrel says:

    i love the still that’s coming up for that video, it looks like a false-color electron micrograph of some nanostructure.

  3. DoktorH says:

    Napkins, even the fancy pre-moistened ones in the little foil packets, are cheaper than trongs.

    I couldn’t help but notice that in the restaurant scene of the video, there were plenty of napkins on the table. If a restaurant’s interior is so dubious that you don’t feel safe using their napkins, is eating there really a good idea?

  4. Xohn le Doe says:

    Awesome, I’m going to use these when I wipe and do away with all that tedious hand washing.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “Trongs! They’re so wrong!”

  6. Anonymous says:

    #5 ewwwww

  7. zuzu says:

    All the bizarre cheap useless crap turns up (and infomercial rates double) when we’re in an economic depression. I dunno what it is about being poor and miserable that makes this sort of junk seem like a good idea to people; maybe they’re just preying on the weakness of our overstressed and undernourished bodies.

    Up next, vacuum wrap for storing old clothes, and a paper bag that kinda makes food crisp in the microwave! Only 4 easy payments of $9.95!

  8. kiltreiser says:

    Meh, half the fun of eating ribs, chicken wings, etc is getting coated in sticky sauce and licking it off your fingers. These thing are immoral and should be banned!!!

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