Compulab Exeda smartphone dual boots Android and Windows Mobile

Compulab's Exeda smartphone is a crazy little device: a squared QWERTY with a 3.5-inch sun-readable VGA touchscreen, a 520MHz Marvell CPU, 128MB of RAM and the ability to pick between quadband GSM / GPRS, CDMA, and 3G UMTS. There's even an Ethernet port! But where it gets really cool is it dual boots OSes: Android, and if you're crazy, Windows Mobile 6.1 can be accessed with a reboot. Very neat, but no price yet: we'll find out in March. Exeda [Official Site via Engadget]
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7 Responses to Compulab Exeda smartphone dual boots Android and Windows Mobile

  1. musicalwoods says:

    These are the types of phones I want to see more of, allowing OS options on a hardware platform.

  2. jeshii says:

    Dual Boot!!! YES! Now let’s get android working on iPhones! XD

  3. Robabob says:

    I like the fact it can run both OS’s although I can’t see why you would actually want to dual boot a phone.

  4. kiltreiser says:

    The spec sounds great (apart from the RAM) but that dumpy little square shape just doesn’t do it for me. I need sleek sexiness!

  5. Jonathan Harford says:

    True trying-out-Linux tradition! LILO or GRUB?

  6. Ronald Pottol says:

    I was liking it until I saw that it had only 128MB ram. :-( 512 is the number I’m looking for.

  7. Halloween Jack says:

    Dual-boot and other goodies: sexy.

    Clunky, chunky shape: nosexy. Srsly, two D-pads?

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