Dehydrated water

It is with a groan and a nod of tired assent that this package of "Dehydrated Water" gets posted. Nonetheless, it's about three levels clear of the cleverness threshold. The dull dollar-store packaging manages to add a perhaps-unintentional note of genuine humor. But $10 for a cellophane bag and some empty plastic bottles? It's not that clever! Product Page [Buy Dehydrated Water via Red Ferret]

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13 Responses to Dehydrated water

  1. Ari B. says:

    Dehydrated water, just add milk.

  2. teamshadowboat says:

    Yeah, for $10 there better be instructions.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So – it might take awhile -but – I’ll give this comment a shot.

    So – Burning man – yup… got here through a list of searches – virgins – always ask me what they should bring.

    I told them everyone brings too much.
    However – the more seasoned you get the less you bring to the playa.

    all i’m going to bring is dehydrated water – to the desert – for a week…

    I’m sure everything else i need will be there waiting for me…

    like a perfect oasis.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Actually, the “Do-It-Yourself Water Dehydrator Guide” (which sound a lot like ‘baloney manual for dummies’ to me) is only $1.95.

    For that price you can learn how to make all the dehydrated water you need for free! Cheap!

  5. Anonymous says:

    …there better be istructions.
    –on how to wash your pet rock with it.

  6. RedShirt77 says:

    If those tubes aren’t easily converted into crack pipes like the roses in glass, someone has lost out on a real opportunity.

  7. kattw says:

    See now, I’ve got an old can of Bernard brand dehydrated water somewhere with a nice cartoon chef on it, and it comes with instructions for making all SORTS of things! For example, to make cold water, just pour into a gallon of cold water, stir to dissolve and serve.

  8. GTMoogle says:

    And Rob misses the cleverness threshold by failing to realize those are NOT empty bottles, they’re empty gel-cap shells, which dissolve in water (And are actually useful if you want to package something (like baking soda, to throw in a bottle of vinegar)).

    pthbbbt :)

  9. the_boy says:

    man, I’ve been meaning to make my million off of these since 4th grade. figures the internet would beat me to it.

    though, really, it took until 2009? for shame

  10. zuzu says:

    Wasn’t this in Space Quest?

    I thought it was Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?

    SQ had something similar, I think. and HHGTTG had “no tea”.

  11. Garr says:

    reminds me of my sister asking me where the WLAN cable was supposed to go.

  12. Phikus says:

    I think they owe Steven Wright royalties on this.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Wasn’t this in Space Quest?

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