DotDrops: Lite-Brite luggage (without the light)

One of the best things I ever did to ease my travel pains was to buy a shiny silver carry on bag. It's not fancy — or at least not expensive — but on the rare occasion I have to check it instead of stuffing it into overhead, I never have a problem picking out which bag is mine on the conveyer. That's half the notion behind "DotDrops", a line of luggage from France's Artoyz, which allows you to customize hard-sized bags with a grid of colorful "microdots" — no, not acid, nor film, Formica, rifle scope, nor horse — plastic chits that are affixed permanently to the front. My first instinct was to bristle at the lack of reconfigurability — especially since the bags aren't cheap, with the smallest starting at € 300 — but I've since warmed to the idea that they'd be somehow more durable if they were attached with stiffer stuff. The web site implies they're France-only for the moment, but patents have been filed! in the US, Japan, and China. DotDrops luggage product page [ via Josh Spear]
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9 Responses to DotDrops: Lite-Brite luggage (without the light)

  1. Blackhat says:

    Why get pretty luggage, you know the baggage handlers are just going to trash it!

    I put an “X” of silver duct tape on both sides of my black bag. Not pretty but distinctive and cheap. But my bag always seems to get searched in transit! Wonder if there’s a connection…

  2. jimkirk says:

    I use stripes of two different colors of duct tape on all sides.

    My first thought was that they were LEDs, but that wouldn’t fly in Boston.

  3. mamayama says:

    I like the idea of DIY art luggage, myself…but I’m perversely fond of my plug-ugly, wear-like-iron, so very 70’s set of Skyway luggage in hot, glaring, freaking pink. They refuse to show any signs of wear and I can see them from afar…and who in their right mind would steal hot pink luggage?

  4. monstrinho_do_biscoito says:

    can you patent a grid of stickers?

  5. Halloween Jack says:

    I find my luggage (when I have to check it, which isn’t often) with a little day-glo orange handle wrap that I got at some travel store for a few bucks. A $2 bandanna will do the same trick.

  6. pewma says:

    I wonder if there are any images they won’t let you put on. Like say a time bomb or a gun. Or if they’ll just let you do it and let you deal with the TSA.

  7. markfrei says:

    I just tie a bandanna to mine… Sometimes I’m sure my luggage gets laid in the cargo hold as a result.

  8. strider_mt2k says:

    Or you could use some buttons and the creative yet durable mounting method of your choice and roll your own, so to speak.

  9. carsick says:

    I cut a circle out of cardboard and spray painted yellow dots on a side and front. Easy to see and I don’t have to worry about it getting torn off accidentally.

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