Lethal iPhone App informs you of fatality likelihood of your neighborhood

Lethal is a practical iPhone app for a change: a nice little program that uses your phone's built-in location services to gauge where you are, then tell you how likely you are to be maimed, mugged, mauled or otherwise maligned. Let's say you're walking through my neighborhood back in Berlin. It's Prenzlauer Berg, so it's plenty shady: on one street corner, three filthy, mad-eyed hobos roast a baby on a spit over a burning mattress. The gutters are thick with used needles and coughed-up lung tissue. Madly jactitating mad men wrapped in raincoats stained with genetic filth eye you lasciviously from the shadows, singing to you in German about the orifices they can smell. WIndows explode above you, accompanied by screams and buckshot. But how dangerous is Prenzlauer Berg really? Well, just load up Lethal and it will tell you: a Wildlife Rating of Zero, Crime and Disease bars maxed, and a Disaster Rating hovering around 80, since God's cursed it and all. Good to know for only $1.99. Lethal [iTunes]
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7 Responses to Lethal iPhone App informs you of fatality likelihood of your neighborhood

  1. m00nch1ld says:

    Wildlife Rating of zero? Last time I stepped out of a tram in Prenzlauer Berg, I had to jump over a 2-meter-puddle and stepped on a dead rat. Oh, and there’s wild boars around there, somebody told me. Naa. Won’t buy.

  2. Takuan says:

    what’s it read in the Senate?

  3. cha0tic says:

    Is there no way to link to an iPhone app’, so we can have a read about it. That doesn’t fire up iTunes? I’d like to know where it gets its data from.

  4. loganbouchard says:

    does it tell you when you’re in a place where you should have your iphone out in plain sight?

  5. Robabob says:

    Very funny but I can’t quite see what would make someone want to pay for this and so many other basically useless apps.

  6. John Brownlee says:

    @1: Don’t think I’m caring! I love that word.

  7. riazm says:

    Don’t think I’m not noticing how much you use the word “Jactitating.”

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