Microscale LEGO skyscrapers

Brickstructures sells special edition microscale models of famous skyscrapers, complete with instruction booklets and — I think — boxes. The current set is the Empire State Building* (a building I love so much I pay a bit of a premium for my CPA, because her office is there) and the Space Needle. Both can be had together for $60, shipped. The builder also makes larger scale models that aren't to be missed. Skyscraper LEGO product page [Brickstructures.com] (Thanks, Homerj!) * LEGO Monkey not included. PreviouslyLe Corbusier's Villa Savoye in LEGO
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2 Responses to Microscale LEGO skyscrapers

  1. bbonyx says:

    As someone who runs a Lego-based side business (www.brickgun.com) I’m surprised that they are using the Lego logo on their site and packaging when they (from what I can tell) do not appear to be affiliated with the company in any way.
    I’m assuming Lego must not have gotten wind of this yet, something which also appears to be evidenced by their lack of the standard Lego non-affiliation disclaimer on their pages. It is handed to most companies by Lego’s legal department once the word gets to them.

    (I framed ours proudly, TLG is actually very cool about reseller companies)

    /ex-ARCH student, perpetual Lego lover
    //love the idea, big props

  2. bbonyx says:

    Ah, looks like I spoke too soon. According to a page deeper on the site, they *are* partnered with TLG on this. Very hip!


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