Now that Jobs is gone, time to live in reality

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I think Peter Ha from Crunchgear has probably honed in on the most important thing to be taken-away from Steve Jobs' announcement that he will be stepping away from Apple as CEO for at least six months:
As mercenary as it may sound, now that Steve’s out of the picture (even if just temporarily), we can all stop wondering what Apple will be like with Steve out of the picture. Just the threat of a Steve-less Apple was enough to cause conniptions in some people. Now we can move past the vague fears and deal with reality.
A reality which is: Steve Jobs is not the sole genius, creative force or driven narcissist at Apple. They'll continue to do fine. Apple after Steve [Crunchgear]
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17 Responses to Now that Jobs is gone, time to live in reality

  1. ZoopyFunk says:

    …They’ll continue to do fine….

    Yes, most likely; and I am not trying to be obtuse here, but will they continue to do well?

  2. Duffong says:

    “There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.”

    Douglas H. Everett

  3. noen says:

    Yes Zuzu, Apple is a premium brand and “premium” is an image that can fade. If quality and attention to detail goes down then it’s no longer premium and your sales will suffer.

    “Foremost Apple sells “It Just Works”.”

    Which is image. What Apple really sells is “It just works as long as you do everything our way.” Otherwise fugeddaboutit. Try and share Apple HDV plates with a PC sometime.

  4. zuzu says:

    Apple sells an image. If that image is gone what do they have left to sell?

    With him gone all they have is overpriced hardware in a deep recession bordering on a depression.

    That tired canard again? Really?

    In reality, Apple’s premium (for running OSX, mind you) is more like 10% above competition; less if you qualify for a student discount. Or keep an eye on the refurbished page (which still qualifies for 3 years of AppleCare) for a deep discount.

    Foremost Apple sells “It Just Works”.
    The only people who really care about “image” are the haters.

    There’s no pleasing some people.”

  5. pewma says:

    @ NOEN

    I see your point, however in the mass market Steve isn’t the big marketing cash cow. He feeds the mac loyal and the press. Granted the press had a lot to do with the iPods success. But if you count all of the ipod and mac users it’s not because steve it’s because of the brilliant programmers and engineers that apple has hired and I can almost guarantee Steve hasn’t been doing much personal hiring in a number of years.

  6. noen says:

    You have to wonder if they will continue to do fine. Apple sells an image. If that image is gone what do they have left to sell? Their PC’s are over priced, costing $800 to $1000 more than Windows PC’s and they have failed to make inroads into the Enterprize market due to their restrictive software licenses.

    People are going back to Win XP from Vista and Win 7 won’t be out till late 2009. This would be a golden opportunity to increase market share if they detached OSX from it’s hardware and, you know, sold it like any other OS.

    But I don’t think they’ll do that and as a result I think Apple’s will lose market share. If the recession gets bad enough they may even go under.

  7. Takuan says:

    but I don’t WANT to be a pie!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Fine won’t cut it with shareholders. Acer just passed them on market share on netbooks alone. Fucking ACER.

  9. aTanguay says:

    Nah, just take a look at Apple in the 90s…a slow steady slip into mediocrity. I don’t want it to happen as much as the next Apple fan…but it’s coming, and it’s a bummer.

    Steve is there to push that last illusive 2% out of the people at Apple. He’s legendary for never accepting something that’s 99% good. It takes someone very unique to tell someone who is more than likely one of the top minds in his/her field that they can do even better.

    I’m just hoping that the roadmap he’s created goes out quite a way.

  10. hokano says:

    I think Peter Ha from Crunchgear has probably honed in on the most important thing …

    More likely he has homed in on it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    >If the recession gets bad enough they may even go under.

    Give me a break. They have never been in better shape as a company with more than 15 Bn cash on hand. The idea they could “go under” is just silly.

    On the other hand the idea that they will just do fine isn’t necessarily true either. In the past they sure haven’t without Jobs even when he left them ahead of the game. But it is only 6 months!

    Of course,that means crunchgear’s post is irrelevant. If it is 6 months not a thing will happen in that time that isn’t Jobs-driven. What people are really afraid of in no Jobs driving at all – even from the back seat.

  12. The Life Of Bryan says:

    If Macs cost a thousand dollars more than PCs, and I’m typing this on a Mac I paid a thousand dollars for, then why do we have to give Dell so much money every time I order a pallet of them at work?

    What I always tell people who believe that old canard is to pick up a dead-tree Dell catalog. On the first page you’ll see $400 laptops, proving that Macs are way overpriced. In the middle you’ll see $1,000 laptops with specs similar to $1,000 Macs laptops. Toward the back you’ll see $2,000 laptops with specs similar to $2,000 Mac laptops. So I suppose the difference is that the $2,000 Dell laptop comes with more “image?”

    Macs used to be way more expensive than a similarly specced PC, as in sometimes three times as much. That hasn’t been the case now for about a decade. But like all other things on MS Earth™ that are about a decade behind the civilized world…

  13. ZoopyFunk says:


    Too late. Far too late.

  14. Clay says:

    Jobs has spent years putting smart people he approves of in the right places at Apple. No doubt there is a continuity-of-Apple program in place, which has just been engaged for a six-month trial run.

  15. pewma says:

    @ Clay,

    My thoughts exactly. I think Steve has been working on this since the who pancreatic cancer thing. Once they release a couple products without Steve at the helm people will get a bit more comfortable with the idea of his absence.

  16. noen says:

    I don’t see it that way at all pewma. Without Steve at the helm what is Apple selling? Right now they sell the brand that is Steve Jobs. With him gone all they have is overpriced hardware in a deep recession bordering on a depression. Here’s an article that is more what I’m saying

    How Apple can gain significant OS market share

    Right now I’m thinking of upgrading. I’d love to be able to put OSX on my next PC but I sure can’t afford a Mac. So I’ll probably end up with XP or Vista if I have to. I would rather have Win 7 as it’s faster than XP and runs on more platforms than Vista, but it won’t be available for almost a year. This is a perfect time for Apple to finally become a software company instead of a widget company.

  17. chroma says:

    Time to call in the Woz.

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