Meet me at the gun show with your gold

Click for full-size image. (I'm actually a rather big fan of gun ownership, but I'm amused at the dire, apocalyptic overtone to this newspaper ad. Democrats are coming for your guns! Buy gold! Sell gold! While you can!)
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28 Responses to Meet me at the gun show with your gold

  1. Anonymous says:

    Does one find “kurgerrands” in kurgans?

  2. RedShirt77 says:

    Yeah, I kinda like assault weapon bans, but on the other hand I would like to own a P90. But yet, I have no gold. Life is so unfair.

  3. Val Hallan says:

    To those of you drooling over the “P90″ pictured in the ad…you can own that gun right now:

    It can only fire in semiautomatic, and has a 16″ barrel to comply with Federal gun laws, which kind of ruins the compact form-factor of the original weapon. You can also own that AK:

    In those 25 or so states that have not expressly forbidden them, you can even own machineguns, but have to register them with the Feds, and they are redonkulously expensive, as only those machineguns or critical operating components (it’s complicated) in existence in 1987 can be transferred to private individuals.


    Gun shows are a great place to expand your collection of garish skull jewelry. Just don’t get caught laughing at the misspellings on the racist bumper stickers. Accurate punctuation is an ass beating offense in some quarters.

  5. krylon says:

    This weekend is the 2009 Shot Show, aka the big gun trade industry.

    There is NO press coverage of it that does not start with some comment about the incoming administration. None.

  6. Marshall says:

    I spent most of a day this week with an extremely conservative, elderly, former target shooting champion, and he and his arsenal owning friends are literally shaking in fear that Obama’s first action is going to be taking all their guns away. They really imagine that that’s the only thing on his mind and the most important piece of business come Wednesday.


    At the intersection of two county highways near the geographic center of Michigan is a store whose sign says only “GAS LIQUOR AMMO.” Pretty much says it all.

  8. Ceronomus says:

    The Democrats are coming for your guns? Sheesh…

    The Republican party slashed the US Constitution to pieces but the Democrats are coming for your guns. Of course, we have a fairly conservative SCOTUS that would certainly overturn anything outrageous, but let’s instead just fearmonger because it worked so well so far.

    This sort of rhetoric makes me cringe. Mark my words, 4 years from now US gun rights will be exactly the same.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This sort of rhetoric makes me cringe. Mark my words, 4 years from now US gun rights will be exactly the same.

    From Obama’s website:

    “They [Obama & Biden] also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent.”

    I feel there’s a disconnect somewhere.

  10. grimc says:

    Haha, suckers! You may have guns, but I’ll have guns and your gold!

  11. noen says:

    Well Marshall, that’s just the first step. Next Obama will reveal he is a secret moooslim and declare shania law and STEAL YUR WIMMUN!!

    (full disclosure: I’m a LIEbrul commie fascist commin’ ta git ur guns an’ force gay abortions on ur womb babies! ALU AKBAR!!01011!!)

  12. zuzu says:

    This is the world we live in now!

    (I’d love to go to this and meet the scary-awesome people who show up.)

    Does one find “kurgerrands” in kurgans?

    Or South Africa. Oh, those crazy Dutch

    For those on the North American continent, there’s the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf.

    Let them buy up the guns so the hope-based rayguns are more readily available for us lefties.

    If only we could convince the potheads and the gun nuts that they’re both alright.

  13. jmendonsa says:

    Let them buy up the guns so the hope-based rayguns are more readily available for us lefties.

  14. Takuan says:

    heh! Sounds like Wednesday would be a good time to borrow a ball cap and toy badge and go gun collecting. Bet most would meekly hand them over.

  15. colonel gentleman says:

    #12 –

    A hippie and an actor?

  16. foberry says:

    Cue righteous reaction from both sides of the issue.

  17. OM says:

    …Actually, the Gun Nuts are all up in arms – no pun intended – over the latest rumor/myth as to how Obama’s going to take away their rights to blow away drug thugs and rapists: they can hae all the guns they want, but they’re going to tax ammo so heavily that the average Joe Punchclock won’t be able to afford more than a couple of rounds. Seems the loophole is that they believe that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t apply to the bullets.

    You know, I could actually see the Democrats trying to push a bill like this through…

  18. Hawkviper says:

    If only we could convince the potheads and the gun nuts that they’re both alright.

    But that would mean supporting the libertarians!

    (Full Disclosure: I am a libertarian sympathizer)

  19. stuart kaufman says:

    One of my favorite stores in town (Annapolis) was “Bob’s Coins & Guns” One-stop shopping for the apocalypse!

  20. brucethehoon says:

    Thanks for being clear that you believe in gun ownership. I was feeling lonely over here…

  21. bibulb says:

    Well, my two main men are Jesus and ol’ John Birch…

    (with respects to Buddy Blue)

  22. Harrkev says:

    “Democrats are coming for your guns!”

    Well, since Obama has stated that he wants to reinstate the “assault weapons ban,” I would call this statement pretty accurate.

  23. Tommy says:

    You may be amused. I can’t stop thinking that these whack-jobs have guns.

  24. Halloween Jack says:

    Brace yourself for a rash of gun-explosion-related injuries in a few years when conservatives who fell for the “Fear of a Black Presidency” gun-marketing scheme start digging up improperly-stored guns from their back yards.

  25. PLeblanc says:

    The one handgun I’ve hefted belonged to a gay friend of mine that the boston cops had watched get the shit beat out of him on the hood of their car, but they didn’t interfere because it was, you know, gay bashing, and that is, you know, American. (one of his friends lost the use of an eye.)

    Can’t say I am for guns, but I am definitely for gold. And I figure I am a leftie so cue my indeterminate rage. Do I have a point? Yes, I am a leftie, so it is on the top of my head.

    I want the aforementioned hope-based raygun. Maybe if I wield that people won’t notice my pointy head.

  26. Enochrewt says:

    Wow, on the whole that be some cheap gunz. You’d need twice as much gold to purchase those guns elsewhere.

    An LOL at the photo of the P90 and AK-74u (I think) in the top right. I want to see the legal equivalent even before Obama institutes another Assault rifle ban.

  27. David Bruce Murray says:

    The statement on the poster is pretty much a statement of fact. Time will tell.

    #11 I’m trying to fall somewhere between Jesus and John Wayne myself.

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