Tweetie developer offers PEE platform for "guaranteed App Store success"

Atebits, developers of the excellent iPhone Twitter client "Tweetie" have added a new "Popularity EnhancEr" — "PEE", for short — that adds a "secret formula for App Store success", comprised primarily of "a flashlgiht...and dirty wet fart sounds!!!" Super intense. I'm loaded the latest version of Tweetie on to my phone as we speak. Expect a review never. (The whole infomercial/CDC-style pitch on the Atebits page is pretty hilarious.) App Store Popularity EnhancEr (PEE) [] Update: Don't think the development community will leave this just to Apple. Quoth Palm software engineer Andrew Shebanow:
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One Response to Tweetie developer offers PEE platform for "guaranteed App Store success"

  1. Anonymous says:

    With WebOS, you’d think they’d rather have Popularity Integrated Server-Side.

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