Browse the Battlestar prop catalog for the auction you just missed

As Battlestar Galactica steams out for its final parade of weeping around the galaxy—Spoiler: Muffit is the final Cylon—the sets inside British Columbia's Vancouver Film Studios have been dismantled with atypical care to be auctioned off to fans. NBC Universal has given costumes, production art, props, set decoration and set pieces* over to Propworx, a company specializing in movie and television auctions, and it appears they've done a fine job of both archiving and contextualizing all the props they plan on selling. While it may be frustrating for true fans to feel they've lost a chance at some cheap memorobilia, it's a far sight better that these bits are being handled by professionals than tossed in a junkyard. If you'd like to browse the entirety of the catalog, Propworx has provided a PDF version of the catalog for download, but they'll happily sell you a printed version of the Battlestar prop catalog for $35. You'll have to sate yourself with that—the auction ended yesterday. * Dig that futuristic Microsoft keyboard!
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4 Responses to Browse the Battlestar prop catalog for the auction you just missed

  1. PaulR says:

    I really hope the PDF has the corners cut off… Let’s see..

    Yep, it’s formatted so you can cut them off once they’re bound.. Excellent.

  2. PaulR says:

    “The big mystery, tho, is why the Colonials cut the corners in the first place.”

    It’s explained in the commentary from the first DVD of season one. I can’t remember exactly why it was done (I was hoping someone else would remember – and I’m not quite enough of a fanboy to listen to it all over again, just to get this nugget of information).

    I vaguely recall that it was a design decision to show that the Colonies were militaristic and that the extra useless material on the corners was frivolous and thus eliminated. And it would give the show a unique look, much like the worn-down, retro look of the ship.

    Ron Moore did say that this spur of the moment decision did end up costing a lot (Book binding costs, etc), and that they kinda regretted it.

    But it DID help give the series an ‘alien, but not too alien’ feel. And if it meant that they couldn’t use quite enough material to cover the babes on the show, well then it was money well spent…

    For court cases, I wish the art directors had used a lit candle rather than the (Oh, my Gawd, can’t they think of any other ritual other than a) gavel. Even one without a handle… Sigh.

  3. Sanfam says:

    I caved and bought a print copy of the catalog. It was just too much random trivia and information to turn down!

  4. OM says:

    …The big mystery, tho, is why the Colonials cut the corners in the first place. Ron Moore promised almost four years ago to explain this in the series, and so far nothing. But what the frack? He’s never explained which airlock he shoved Boxey out of either.

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