Warn your friends: Circuit City liquidation is no deal

It's not the job of Circuit City's liquidators to clear inventory. Their job is to make money. And the most effective trick in their book is to exploit the belief among consumers that great deals exist at the failed chain's closing down sale. Though the 10% discounts make non-discounted premium items a little cheaper, many goods at Circuit City are more expensive than last week. This is simply because the blanket discount replaces better deals previously in effect. I've just returned from my local CC, and the story there is summed up by the fellow I saw excitedly clutching a $30 ethernet cable, delighted at the 30 percent price cut he'd get on it at the checkout. On the deals desk at the front of the store were Nintendo Gamecubes, offered "half price" for $50 each. More interestingly, they won't sell display models, even of out-of-stock items. The store seemed well-staffed. Perhaps they're still hoping for a white knight to come in and fix everything, despite the "Everyone's fired!" note that replaced the Circuitcity.com site over the weekend. Either way, the deals are barely competitive with healthier brick and mortar stores, let alone Amazon or Newegg. Wait for a few weeks until they get serious about clearing stock before wasting your time there.

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11 Responses to Warn your friends: Circuit City liquidation is no deal

  1. Jarvik7 says:

    I wonder if Source by Circuit City is also going down. I picked up a printer/scanner for $29ca (70% off) about 2 days before the liquidation was announced.

  2. icky2000 says:

    Over in the Power Faucet Nozzle Center, Joel pointed to the Circuit City shuttered web site. Two interesting things I learned from that site:

    #1: 34,000 people just lost their job. I never liked CC and never shopped there but my heart goes out to them. Finding a job right now is TOUGH for a lot of folks.

    #2: CC’s 765 retail stores and “dealer outlets” (not sure what that is) in Canada are not closing.

  3. michaelportent says:

    This is why Circuit City is trash and really deserves to die. As much as I hate Best Buy, they’ve always had better prices and been moderately less annoying.

    The chart on The Consumerist last week showing Circuit City’s actions in the last two years and their stock decline really tells the story best:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget that if you go to CC, do NOT try to use a Circuit City credit card, as they do not accept them any longer. I went the first day to try and buy a laptop case, handed the girl my CC card, and she kindly informed me that they will no longer be accepting those cards since the liquidation company was now in control.

  5. Lou3000 says:

    I went on Saturday, and I agree that you should definitely stay away from anything that you don’t already know the Newegg/Amazon price.

    A lot of TVs and items weren’t even marked down, but people were buying them.

    I found one pretty decent bargain, the store is overrun with Guitar Hero merchandise. I picked up two GH Les Paul’s for 360 for 17.99 a piece.

    I’m waiting for the excessive number of BluRay discs to be marked down drastically.

  6. chroma says:

    All the CCs in Atlanta vanished right around Christmas. The cheap bastards at my wife’s job bought her an overpriced monitor, which, of course, didn’t work. No way to return it now.

  7. Joe Helfrich says:

    Often times during shutdown sales, higher traffic stores will get material shipped in from other stores. That’s probably why they’re not selling the display models yet–they might be getting more.

  8. nixiebunny says:

    Why would I want to shop there now if I didn’t want to shop there before? Has the store gotten more pleasant? Is it now staffed by people who know more about the product lines? Will I save gas now that they’re bankrupt? Will the extended warranty coverage be more trustworthy?

    If I want a low price, eBay gets my vote.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I work for Circuit so now kinda for the Liquidator…

    No price was raised! The sales ended(all sales tags have exp. dates!)… the merch went back to list price, and discounts come off of list price. 100% legal, yes there were better deals on some items but some stuff is cheaper than ever before. Don’t go buy a tv or a camera. If you want to buy some cables(30% off) or some cds and dvds(20%off) go for it. If people are too slow to check prices they deserve to pay above the going rate from a liquidator. Seriously how often do you get 10% off an Ipod? or any discount on Bose?

  10. Tensegrity says:

    If I want a low price, eBay gets my vote.

    Truth. Also, the downside of eBay is no ongoing support/service, but you aren’t going to get that from the CC liquidator anyway.

  11. OM says:

    …The only problem with waiting until the “close the doors” deadline approaches to make a purchase is that by the time that happens, all the IDIOTS have fallen into the trap and bought everything you’d want to buy, and paid about 10% more than what they’d have paid a month earlier, thinking it was 30%-50% off.

    …Some states have laws against this. If you can snag a sales tag from an item before and after a false markdown, contact your respective Attorney General’s office and speak with someone in whatever division they’ve assigned to watchdog consumer affairs. Texas is one of the states that classifies this as “bait and switch”, and they’ll go so far as to shut the store down and toss managers in jail for scams like this.

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