Brando Segon: USB memory stick in the shape of system RAM

Brando brings their F-game to the "Segon Turbo Flash Drive", a memory stick in the shape of...memory. The "DDR RAM appearance" has an "environmental green shell" — plastic, surely. Like nearly everything Brando makes, it's so dumb that it's kind of awesome. (Super-overpriced, though: 4GB for $20? Get out.) [via Coolest-Gadgets]
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2 Responses to Brando Segon: USB memory stick in the shape of system RAM

  1. theawesomerobot says:

    Oy, I remember paying $70 for 256MB – glad that’s over.

  2. Thad E Ginataom says:

    Enough with the “memory sticks in the shape of…”

    Please! Enough!

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