Super Mario Land etched on an Eee

With the help of NYC Resistor, Flickr user revolvingdork etched the entire world map of Super Mario Land for the Nintendo Gameboy on the case of his Eee netbook. I assume he used a pattern he found on the Internet, but I could probably have managed to do this from memory, given an appropriate, pea-soup-green netbook lying around and a stray etcher. Etching Overview [Flickr via Hack A Day]
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2 Responses to Super Mario Land etched on an Eee

  1. LeSinge says:

    Are shops that’ll do this for you pretty common? Anyone know of one in Los Angeles?

    @1: Agreed, not the best looking design from a distance, but still pretty neat when you get up close.

  2. pork musket says:

    Cool idea… but it’s ugly. :(

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