Chobu 01 mechs are the Cadillacs of another world

These fantastic Chobu 01 mechas were created by Japanese 3D artist Kazushi Kobayashi as relics from "a parallel 50s where the robots are the most popular transport system." I'm guessing the pilot seat in the pudendum explains a lot of that popularity. You can buy one of these 1/12 scale models yourself if you wish for $315... assembly required. Chubu 01 [Official Site via Bot Junkie]
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2 Responses to Chobu 01 mechs are the Cadillacs of another world

  1. RER says:

    I think they mean “Chubo 01″ don’t they?

  2. jtegnell says:

    A schoolgirl riding on a robot penis.

    What could be more Japanese than that I ask you?

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