Clippy: copy-and-paste for Jailbroken iPhones

Joel pretty much consistently sticks to his party line that there's no reason to jailbreak the iPhone now that the App Store is around. Since my iPhone is an old US one and I needed to carrier unlock it to use it in Berlin, I don't entirely agree... but he's right that jailbreaking is becoming more and more irrelevant for the average user. Hell, if not for carrier unlock, the only reason I'd jailbreak my iPhone is to get a five button dock. Or cut-and-paste, if someone came up with it... Which they have! Clippy from iSpazio allows you to cut and paste any text on your iPhone. Simply hit the "123" button to reveal your copy and paste buttons. Totally simple execution. This should be default, Apple. Make it so. Clippy [Spazio Cellular]
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7 Responses to Clippy: copy-and-paste for Jailbroken iPhones

  1. Anonymous says:

    I jailbreak my iPhone for on sole reason: Qik

  2. Doomstalk says:

    Gruppler: I guess it would be easier to say that, in general, MobileSubstrate is a wonderful thing.

  3. thievedrelic says:

    copy text to search bars
    copy emails to text boxes
    copy phone numbers to emails
    copy directions to emails

    ivan, the uses would be the same as what we use it for on a PC. which is basically, everything.

  4. ivan256 says:

    Is there really demand for copy/paste on a phone beyond the “I can’t believe it doesn’t do that” factor?

    I had copy/paste on my Treo(s) for over 6 years, and can’t recall using it even once. What would you copy, and where would you copy it to? Can you really come up with general uses for it that wouldn’t be covered by buttons for those limited number of tasks?

  5. Aaron says:

    And here I was hoping someone had ported Clippy the talking paper clip from MS Office 97-XP.

    So sad.

  6. Doomstalk says:

    I still find plenty of reasons to jailbreak, even with the app store. Here are the apps I find indispensible:

    – SBSettings – Quickly toggle on and off various settings, hide icons, etc.
    – UA Faker (SBSettings add-on) – Changes your User Agent string to FireFox, for those times where the mobile site layout just doesn’t cut it
    – Backgrounder – Run apps in the background
    – IntelliScreen – Displays mail, SMS, calendar items, news, weather, etc. on the lock screen
    – MailSearch – its function is as obvious as Apple’s oversight on this feature
    -Vlc4iPhone – Plays back just about any video format, and lets you listen to Shoutcast streams to boot
    -PdaNet – Tethering that won’t cost an arm and a leg

  7. gruppler says:

    I also use many of the apps mentioned by Doomstalk, but one of the main reasons i jailbreak my iPod Touch is so i can run an ssh server on it and have write-access to the entire disk, thus enabling me to make themes for Winterboard (The theming app which is another big reason i jailbreak).

    As for Clippy, it’s still in beta and as of now is pretty much useless. The copy/paste menu only appears in a few apps, and you can only copy editable text. It’s better than nothing, but only slightly right now. Maybe Apple will take after Mozilla and implement the best of its users’ ideas into the next release. It’s highly doubtful, but i think it’s the only way we’ll ever get *real* copy/paste. I’ve been eyeing the Palm Pre lately. If they made a non-phone version, i’d be all over it in a second. Sprint service sucks here.

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