Fake LEGO ads pit brickplay against sex, needle, and gunplay

These advertisements for LEGO from agency DDB aren't real, in as far as they certainly weren't commissioned by the brickmaker, but we can still love them. [via Animal]
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11 Responses to Fake LEGO ads pit brickplay against sex, needle, and gunplay

  1. Justin Marrington says:

    I dunno. I think they’re kind of fun.

    Drugs, sex, and suicide are all fine and fun. But so is lego. And anyway, I don’t see why they should be mutually exclusive.

    /me wanders off to make a lego/technic auto-erotic asphyxiation rig.

  2. Downpressor says:

    How bout just entombed in LEGO?

  3. owza says:

    @7 They didn’t…

  4. Karnuvap says:

    I like the pixellation – the first one almost looks like he’s about to shoot himself with a Lego gun.

    A Lego needle is going be a bit blunt though and don’t get me started on how painful the last one is going to be.

  5. blip says:

    Sex is bad, kids.

  6. Clay says:

    How on earth can such a high-end ad agency, one that is supposed to possess an acutely-developed sense of branding, put together ads that are so completely blind of a company’s brand?

    Lego’s brand is not edgy, nor does it have any need or desire to be so. I mean, you don’t need a market research team and three weeks to figure this stuff out.

  7. pork musket says:

    I really don’t see it. TV leads to suicide and drugs and – heaven forbid! – coitus with attractive females? 2 of those 3 things are near and dear to me.

  8. guy_jin says:

    whoever made these should be fired.

  9. coop says:

    @2 – They’re ‘fake ads’. Why should somebody be fired?

  10. gabrielm says:

    Perhaps they should be fake fired!

  11. annoyingmouse says:

    “yeah so… like… ehm… we’re… ehm… the photos?… oh… like… ehm… they’re for… ehm… well…. what I mean to say is…. ehm… that… they’re… for…. like…. an advert!!! Yeah that’s right… an advert… for…. ehm… you know… ehm… they’re like… for … Lego?” I think the whole fake campaign was just to back up a story they’d told a pretty lady as an excuse to take photos. Or perhaps I just watch too much TV.

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