The Day Before Tomorrow, January 21st, 2009

Mat Honan, the world's most location-aware human, coined a replacement for "toothing": geoshagging ✽ Another Android phone was shown, this time from China's Huawei ✽ A man used a hot girl to sell a Lincoln Town Car on eBay ✽ Japan experimented with residential fuel cells ✽ The Supreme Court protected the internet, porn ✽ It was revealed that the 2010 CES would have an entire pavilion of iPod and iPhone accessories ✽ The SEC set its bloodhounds on Apple to see if investors were mislead about Jobs health ✽ More young girls than boys use technology in England; Should stabilize at 51% ✽ Paro, a robotic seal companion for the elderly, will ship in April; the future is here, it just still a bit shit ✽ Brother released a label printer that prints on plastic or vinyl ✽ Someone bought their 14-year-old son a bullet-proof backpack ✽ CNN's "The Moment application, powered by Microsoft Photosynth, continued to grow with contributed data ✽ A plucky developer slurped out the entirety of the iTunes App Store data and put it online for browsing outside of iTunes ✽ Rand McNally began to release their maps on waterproof microfiber cloth instead of paper ✽ "Flexicords" may not be anything more than a standard cable, but they'll look a sight better behind a monitor or HDTV than droopy ones ✽ There was a deluge of LEGO Deloreans
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One Response to The Day Before Tomorrow, January 21st, 2009

  1. devophill says:

    Hey! That’s a little snowflakey thing, not a lightning bolt that I can’t see! Cool.

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