The Day Before Tomorrow, January 21st, 2009

Mat Honan, the world’s most location-aware human, coined a replacement for “toothing”: geoshagging

Another Android phone was shown, this time from China’s Huawei

A man used a hot girl to sell a Lincoln Town Car on eBay

Japan experimented with residential fuel cells

The Supreme Court protected the internet, porn

It was revealed that the 2010 CES would have an entire pavilion of iPod and iPhone accessories

The SEC set its bloodhounds on Apple to see if investors were mislead about Jobs health

More young girls than boys use technology in England; Should stabilize at 51%

Paro, a robotic seal companion for the elderly, will ship in April; the future is here, it just still a bit shit

Brother released a label printer that prints on plastic or vinyl

Someone bought their 14-year-old son a bullet-proof backpack

CNN’s “The Moment application, powered by Microsoft Photosynth, continued to grow with contributed data

A plucky developer slurped out the entirety of the iTunes App Store data and put it online for browsing outside of iTunes

Rand McNally began to release their maps on waterproof microfiber cloth instead of paper

Flexicords” may not be anything more than a standard cable, but they’ll look a sight better behind a monitor or HDTV than droopy ones

There was a deluge of LEGO Deloreans

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One Response to The Day Before Tomorrow, January 21st, 2009

  1. devophill says:

    Hey! That’s a little snowflakey thing, not a lightning bolt that I can’t see! Cool.

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