Boxee gets Lost

Boxee, the "social" media center software for Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and Apple TV (with Windows on the way) has added ABC shows to its streaming line-up "just in time for the Lost season premiere". It only works on OS X and Ubuntu at the moment — but it'll be added to the other versions soon enough. Update: Clarification from the Boxeers:
I wanted to give you a quick update that boxee is available in a public Alpha for Mac and Ubuntu from (go there, sign up, download immediately) boxee is available on private Alpha for Windows (go there, sign up, twiddle your thumbs waiting for an invite for a week or two, then download). boxee with ABC is available for the Mac version only at this point due to the Move Networks plug-in they use to deliver content (not available for Linux, and will take some more tweaking for Windows).
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9 Responses to Boxee gets Lost

  1. salsaman says:

    But… that’s the wrong Jack!

  2. caipirina says:

    Can someone confirm (or shatter my dreams) if Boxee contect works OUTSIDE of the US? With Hulu stuff and NBC it is still ‘not in your location, pesky foreigner / expat’

  3. theawesomerobot says:

    Boxee is awesome!

    They are considering making their own set-top box (putting it on an Apple TV is pretty limited)

    Check it out and give them your input!

  4. gox says:

    -that boxee link needs fixing (“)

    -that picture mashup needs explanation

    -that video services ALL need to work worldwide, INTERnet, remember? get after the thought, “networks”…

  5. snowblader13 says:

    Anyone notice that it is the cast of 24 in the picture and not lost?

  6. RedShirt77 says:

    Cast? Anyone notice that Lost is not set in DC and DC is not a jungle?

    Someone is having a joke.

  7. alsam says:

    Boxee is in alpha for windows. I signed up and got an invite pretty quickly. Pretty cool. Best with a newer computer.

  8. theawesomerobot says:

    I can understand the Hulu is only in the US complaints

    – but can you guys get normal American network television in a timely manner otherwise? It’s just how that type of thing works really. I wouldn’t hold my breath on international Hulu anytime soon (which is too bad because the service is nothing short of awesome)

    Proxies are the key, there are some decent ones out there.

  9. jeffjonez says:

    I might actually watch Lost if it had the cast from 24. It’d also need to have more car chases and torture too, but still….

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