Concord C QuantumGravity Watch is inscrutably unwearable

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This QuantumGravity Watch by Concord C Lab touts an aerial bi-axial Tourbillon mechanism to allow the free movement of its churning guts, regardless of gravitational pull. Ach so! A more interesting problem: what sort of frickin' Cylon do you need to be to figure out how to strap this thing to your wrist? BREAKING Concord C Lab QuantumGravity [Watch Luxus via Crunch]
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7 Responses to Concord C QuantumGravity Watch is inscrutably unwearable

  1. chip says:

    Yes, that’s just the guts of the watch. If you can muddle through their overly complex flash website, you can see the actual watch. Just look for “Tourbillion Gravity”. For those not up for a treasure hunt, here’s a pic of the fully assembled watch:


    There are two somewhat similar watches on the website. the Tourbillon Gravity referred and linked to in the comment above is more conventional.

    The movement referred to in the post is for the more complex
    QuantumGravity, for which I could not find an image of the assembled product.

  3. Downpressor says:

    Doesnt “unwearable” pretty much describe all of the time pieces posted in the boing family of sites?

  4. Anonymous says:

    ummm… that’s just the movement guys…

  5. demidan says:

    Guh? Smuh? GUH?!?


    I’m pretty clever with watch stuff but just how the hell does that tell the time? Concord was one of the brands that I sold when I worked in a jewelry store and they were never avant garde.
    The Concord CLab website is worth going to to see an example of just how useless a Flash based site can be. I know there’s some content in there somewhere that I might want to look at but I haven’t the faintest idea how to find it.

  7. GrayZ says:

    Frickin’ Cylon?? Surely you meant frakkin’ Cylon…

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