Inflatable gladiator combat armor for inter-office dispute resolution

While an excellent way to settle big questions like prom dates, gladiatorial combat is a poor way of solving the petty squabbles that crop up during the day. The Inflatable Gladiator Combat Set provides a middle ground: using blow-up instruments and armor, seemingly unsolvable interpersonal problems can be solved not with the deflation of an opponent's skull, but by their Spartacus helmet. Only $16, even. Inflatable Gladiator Combat [OhGizmo]
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6 Responses to Inflatable gladiator combat armor for inter-office dispute resolution

  1. zuzu says:

    Attention! Attention! All Stormys and Quinns! Please report to the gymnasium.

  2. RedShirt77 says:

    The trick is that you get so light headed while inflating this that you forget what the conflict was even about.

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    I wager 20 Quatloons on the newcomer!

  4. Takuan says:

    perfect for faculty meetings

  5. OLAF9000 says:

    this is essential! how could any family survive long enough to go without this!? sing me up for 10 of those costume things! ill let resources and expenditures pay for it out of our companies annual budget!

  6. Dolnor says:

    Thank you Strider for making my day!

    I actually might buy this for a group of game devs who need to relieve stress. These are cheaper than the nerf guns I was thinking of sending!


    Dolnor Numbwit
    Eternal Newbie

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