Malia Obama recommends the Kodak EasyShare M893

One of the most adorable small moments of the inauguration was watching the button cute daughter of President Obama happily snap pictures of her Dad. According to the New York Times, that digicam was a $150 EasyShare M893, which looks like a neat camera for a little girl. But then I started wondering: why did her parents buy her a Kodak? Is it because Kodak is really one of the last American companies still making cameras? And if so, is this what it's like to be a President, where the purchase of even the smallest gift for your child must be, in some respect, a patriotic gesture... a symbol of support for home industry? I'm overthinking it, I know. I would just hate to think that the kids of a United States president could never open a Voltron or Hello Kitty doll on Christmas morning. A New Photographer in the White House [New York Times]
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21 Responses to Malia Obama recommends the Kodak EasyShare M893

  1. Chris Griswold says:

    Oops. International TOYS.

  2. Tensegrity says:

    @1 Amy Carter did fine. It’s because she had good parents. And FWIW, Chelsea turned out pretty well, too.

    But to your point, the media landscape is certainly now at a whole different level than it was in the 70’s. Even in the 90’s the 24 hour news cycle had already started but it was nothing like it is now.

  3. petezombie says:

    They’re both wearing pretty badass coats IMO!

  4. travelina says:

    I disagree, I don’t think John is overthinking it at all. Mrs. Obama thinks carefully about what clothes she wears, she knows she’s making a statement, that’s just how it is. If they had wanted their kids to live quiet normal lives, Obama would not have sought the presidency.

  5. Tensegrity says:

    @5, @6 Mr. Fantasy has it right. If it’s plastic or electronic, it’s probably coming from China. If you want to buy American, I have some lovely buggy whips to sell you. Also, stay out of Walmart.

    Whether or not Obama’s green jobs initiative is going to work, it’s clear that protecting outdated industries/products is not sustainable in the long term (it may still be a good idea in the short term).

    Anyway, I’m not going to buy a crap car to reward GM/Chrysler/Ford designers & marketing people for churning out boatloads of fuel guzzling SUVs. I’m happy with my Toyota. When GM’s Volt comes out, I’ll certainly take a look at it, though.

  6. HeatherB says:

    Voltron on Christmas morning? Do they plan to have a retro holiday? If so, I’m there.

  7. Ari B. says:

    I kinda want to see the photos she took.

  8. dculberson says:

    Buying American made is pretty hard nowadays. The only good made in USA washer/dryer combo that I could find was Bosch; they’re really great! I was surprised that a German company’s appliances are made in the US while the Whirlpool (an American company) washers were made in Germany..?!

    Tony Tarle, a lot of “American” trucks are made in Canada. A lot of “Japanese” cars are made in the US.

  9. SamSam says:

    #12 Is a made-in-America German washer better for our economy than a made-in-Germany American washer?

    I’m guessing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if more of the bottom line goes to the owning company, rather than the people doing the actual making, so it’s quite possible that buying from an American company, even if made in Germany, would be better for the American economy.

  10. AceJohnny says:

    The attention the Obama family gets from the media sickens me. I don’t know how the Obama kids can grow up to be normal adults when high-profile magazines like the NYT jump on every detail of their lives.
    You’re overthinking it, and the media is overthinking it.

    Poor kids.

  11. devophill says:

    #8 runninballz-

    Regardless of how good or bad the pictures are, you don’t have to install the shitty software! I didn’t.

  12. mr_josh says:

    Or maybe, just MAYBE someone bought her she asked for a camera for Christmas and aunt/uncle/grandma/friend was out shopping and there was a sale on Kodak cameras and bought if for her.

    Gooooood grief, people.

  13. strider_mt2k says:

    Seriously, Kodak?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Kodaks appear on Woot frequently. Obama is a geek…it seems to track.

  15. Tommy says:

    Overthinking it? Yeah. Just a little. Which now makes you part of the problem. Congrats. :)

  16. Tony Tarle says:

    All our purchases should really be a patriotic gesture… from clothes to cameras to automobiles.

    I mean, the US has such a huge trade deficit I can’t understand why people aren’t trying to support North American companies whenever possible.

    I don’t really dig US automobiles, but I did take a serious look at the domestically made options with my last purchase. My wife and I ALWAYS look at where a new product was made when purchasing things. I just can’t understand why this DOESN’T matter to some people.

    I remember a bumper sticker on an old beat up chevy that was parked in my neighbourhood about 10 years ago. It read, quite simply: “Hungry? Out of work? Eat your import.”

    It rings as true now as it did then.

  17. mrfantasy says:

    It may be an American company, but aren’t Kodak cameras manufactured in China like everything else? Even if they’re assembled here most of the components would still be foreign.

  18. danilo says:

    Between obsessing over the BlackBerry and now Malia’s camera, the media is quickly turning this into the Product Placement Presidency.

    Give it another six months and Obama will be getting more unsolicited crap for review than a gadget blogger.

  19. Tenn says:

    So presidential kids get deals on international boys that I don’t?

    Sign my daddy up for the presidency please.

  20. runninballz says:

    The Kodak Easyshare software is some of the most annoying I have installed on my computer.

    Good luck with that Obama’s.

  21. Chris Griswold says:

    Presidential kids can have international boys because it shows that while the president serves the United States, he also recognizes the value of other cultures.

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