Panasonic makes first portable Blu-Ray player

Panasonic has announced the production of the world's first portable Blu-Ray player, featuring an 8.9 inch LCD screen, as well as Internet connectivity for BD Live and other Internet services like Amazon Video-on-Demand, YouTube, Bloomberg, etc. T The New York Times Gadgetwise blog is going WTF: they argue rightfully that an 8.9 inch screen isn't going to be able to show off Blu-Ray's high-def advantages. That's true, but clearly, they are banking on the fact that Blu-Ray is going to be the de facto DVD standard from now on, and people will still want to watch Blu-Ray movies on the airplane. Expect to see more Blu-Ray portable players coming out over the next year, short of tehj format's complete implosion before the brunt of streaming video. Portable Blu-Ray [Gadget Wise]
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6 Responses to Panasonic makes first portable Blu-Ray player

  1. mykie says:

    streaming requires an Internet connection, one of reasonable speed and consistency.

    That’s not something you’ll get on most airplanes or while wandering out and about.

    There needs to be some kind of portable medium, and for the foreseeable future that medium appears to be bluray.

  2. yasth says:

    #3 but plane based wifi networks are likely to aggressively block and throttle streaming. Besides how much streaming can you do before you hit the 5gb cap?

    While that cap may rise. I doubt it will increase enough to allow the sort of HD streaming a real road warrior might do.

  3. ssll says:

    There have already been devices with “print-quality” LCDs with 313 pixels per inch. At that pixel resolution you could “show off Blu-Ray’s high-def advantages” (1920×1080) with a screen 6 inches wide… Right? So long as you were looking at it close enough…

  4. Enochrewt says:

    #4:Hit a a 5GB cap on the plane? A full HD movie at least. But then again, if you’re on a plane with your laptop (like a road warrior would be), you probably just take a digital copy of the movie you’d like to watch without bringing the discs.

    If you’re talking about a 5GB cap on a cellphone, I’ve never even come close to it on mine that I know of. But again, I don’t stream HD content. Usually just the occasional TV show and mostly audio for my bus ride to work. To put it in perspective, I would have to reload BBG ~5000 times to come close to a 5 GB cap (that I’m not sure I have).

    Maybe it’s my preconception, but I feel that these traveling DVD/BD players are just to keep screaming kids at occupied on trips, and kids won’t appreciate Spongebob in HD any more than if it was DVD quality.

  5. Enochrewt says:

    #1: I have no trouble streaming things (granted SD, not HD) to my 3G cellphone, Airlines now have Wifi, the whole city of Baltimore has WiMax, and this is just the beginning. Soon you will be hard pressed to find a spot that’s not showered in connectivity somehow. Just because it isn’t here now doesn’t mean it won’t be when Blu-Ray is finished it’s giant belly flop.

  6. bkofford says:

    If it has HDMI out, you could connect it to all of your friends HDTVs (’cause they bought X-Boxen).

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