The Day Before Tomorrow, 1/22

Wired hacked and terribly-written hoax Steve Jobs story inserted ✽ Jason Chen explains How to fix the annoying Windows 7 installer crash bug ✽ There is no such thing as a HP 1100 netbook. They're all 1000s, some with typos. ✽ App Cubby tried a new model: Selling iPhone apps for $1, then asking for donations ✽ The House Energy and Communications Committee approved $3 billion for expanding high-speed internet and wireless to rural areas ✽ An Australian won the right to remove his in-car breathalyzer after it falsely inculpated him after he ate ice cream ✽ Design firm EDAG conceived the "open-source car," which probably doesn't mean what they think it means ✽ Sony announced a $3 billion loss ✽ Microsoft fires 5,000, about 5%, after lower-than-expected profits ✽ Google profits are up 18% over last year ✽ Mayonnaise was declared the "second-most popular treat for American dieters" ✽ A man discovered the spirit of Chewbacca in his nightstand
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One Response to The Day Before Tomorrow, 1/22

  1. Drew Blood says:

    Mayonnaise? What was #1, Ranch Dressing?

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