For Sale: Speedboat in the shape of a guitar

Comissioned by singer Josh Pyke, this guitar-shaped boat is on sale. From Undercover News:
The extraordinary guitar-shaped boat built for the Josh Pyke video `Make You Happy` is going to be auctioned for charity. Maton guitars created the SS Maton for the video. Josh is seen sailing it around Sydney Harbour the ‘Make You Happy’ clip. Now Josh wants to use the guitar-boat to raise money for Indigenous Literacy Project
It hits eBay on Feb 9. I'll post an update to the news faucet in the sidebar when the time comes: save your pennies! Josh Pyke To Auction Guitar Boat [Undercover News via Musicradar and Born Rich]

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7 Responses to For Sale: Speedboat in the shape of a guitar

  1. Bottlekid says:

    Fine, but what’s a new set of strings going to cost?

  2. Gary61 says:

    Can it play ‘Smoke on the Water’???

  3. Video Martyr says:

    Hey! What’s that boat leaving in its wake?

    Must be Sound Waves.

  4. DsrdUsrNm says:

    it should totally be somebody’s album cover!

  5. DsrdUsrNm says:

    srry. read it. guess it is.

  6. bbonyx says:

    Is that Daryl Dragon driving the thing?

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