Marc Marc TD Cross Generator synth at least looks good

We salute the reintroduction of pastels in rack-mounted synthesizers, as heralded by the Marc Marc TD Cross Generator. Yours today, starting at $25,000. [via George Cochrane]
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2 Responses to Marc Marc TD Cross Generator synth at least looks good

  1. Clay says:

    Beautiful, but for that price you could probably buy all the VSTs you’d need for the next decade.

    Or 50 copies of Reason 4.0.

  2. feedingfashionistas says:

    I kind of want to just have MarcMarc make me a fake faceplate-only version of this, just to have in the rack. The mist of feng shui it’d doubtlessly billow into my studio would be a constant inspiration. Of course, the faceplate alone’d probably set me back a cool $5k…

    For now, the oil painting of it that I’m currently creating, toes pointed, in the nude, will have to suffice.

    (thanks for the link, BTW!)

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