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Today on Offworld we saw a pair of pairs of retro-game inspired footwear, possibly the reigning champ of game-cakes, as these are ones you can actually play, explored the possibility that Taito may be returning to the DS for more retro-futuristic Space Invaders love, and saw more of Sega's upcoming Wii title that parodies retro gaming's finest. We also held a brief service for the death of legendary design house The Designers Republic, best known in the games sphere for their work defining the visual identity of the Wipeout series, saw fantastic new media from Fez creators Polytron on the opening of their new website, and saw the first and likely only set of lesbian artificial intelligence erotica we'll ever see, with a forbidden romance between Portal's GlaDOS and System Shock's Shodan. Finally, we saw one man's attempt to bring The Wrestler's Randy 'The Ram' Robinson forward from his on-screen 8-bit roots to full next-gen glory, and settled on a game for this weekend's community play: the open beta of London indie Beatnik Games' Plain Sight, a raucous and light-hearted robot arena battle that takes the best bits of Mario Galaxy's spherical worlds and combines it with brutal aerial acrobatics.

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