First close-up shots of the Dell Adamo

In my hungover pursuit for omelettes and smoothies at Dell's CES press release, I was a bit confused about the Adamo. It was true that they displayed an absolutely gorgeous prototype of an ultra-thin luxury laptop, held aloft by the thin, sinewy forearm of an ebony goddess. But the way Dell's guys were talking, it sounded like it wasn't a specific machine, so to speak, but an entire line of luxury laptops: Inspirons for oil shieks. It seems the answer is both: the prototype held up will be the first of an expanding Adamo line of luxury laptops by Dell. And without the bleary-eyed occular effect of too many Casino Royale rum-and-cokes, it is even more beautiful than I had first thought. This looks significantly better than the MacBook Air, in my opinion. Shame it's a PC... and a PC without announced specs or battery life estimates at that. Dell Grants Exclusive Photo Shoot of New Adamo Line of Luxury Notebooks []
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3 Responses to First close-up shots of the Dell Adamo

  1. Anonymous says:

    Adamo, Asimo, Awesom-o.

  2. snej says:

    Oh, c’mon … from the gratuitous blurring, you can tell it’s a gigantic laptop they’ve photographed using a tilt-shift lens to make it look small.

  3. hohum says:

    This could make quite a lovely Hackintosh…

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