Retro arcade cabinets for model railroad sets

These tiny retro arcade machine recreations do come with the optional accessory of a shady looking drug pusher madly fingering a tiny Liliputian straight razor in his pocket between his meth-addled snorts, but that's not really what's so nifty about them: it's the fact that these miniature Pac-Man and Galaga machines are specifically designed to be placed in any pygmy arcade a model train enthusiast might dementedly want to install into his locomotive diorama. They are only $7.50 each, which is cheap enough to consider as retrogaming knick-knacks for your desk. JC Studios Inc [Official Site via technabob]
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3 Responses to Retro arcade cabinets for model railroad sets

  1. TwoShort says:

    The cabinet style is wrong for Galaga & Pac-Man; the control panel and screen should be a single plane. Those are all Zaxxon cabinets.
    Nit-picky? Sure, but if your market is model train building retro-arcade enthusiasts…

  2. Anonymous says:

    As a miniature-obsessed, working-keychain owning fanatic who knows about technologic minituarization, I demand the ability to display game playbacks!

  3. HeatherB says:

    A whole new generation of train enthusiasts. Does the heart good.

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