Sony gives PSP a pretty lick of paint

Delightful, but that is the incorrect shade of green. Green must be decisive: think British Racing Green or Lime Green. What the hell is that? Sage? Asparagus? PSP Carnival Colors...

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14 Responses to Sony gives PSP a pretty lick of paint

  1. Agies says:

    too little too late.

  2. ViolettVerq says:

    Pwetty, pwetty emerald. If I’d buy Sony products and played games on a portable I’d buy it for the color.

    The red is also after my fancy.

    But then again I’m a girl…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good pretty colours on crap hardware.. or maybe it’s not the hardware so much as the corporate controlling attitude — overcontrol the devs and eliminate the homebrew and poof! suddenly you have an enemic number and release rate of games and apps…

    Remember, hardware sells on the software available. Surprisingly enough, even if you build it, they will not come along if you act like that!

  4. Tenn says:

    Nthing the perfect yellow. If I were in the market for a PSP, that yellow would perch merrily in my hands, bringing the light of the gaming world unto me…

  5. jotawolf says:

    If at least they have a online store that sells games CHEAPER than buying an UMD. How easy is that… I don´t ask to accept homebrew software.

    Maybe it´s time to sell that PSP for the cheap and forget about it.

  6. Alan says:

    Looks like kelly green to me.

  7. Brettspiel says:

    Hard to tell on this monitor, but it looks a bit blue-ish for Kelly Green. Definitely not asparagus, too dark for sage. A shade off emerald to my eyes.

  8. Not a Doktor says:

    That horrible green reminds me kitchen stuff from the early 90’s

  9. sheshe says:

    but they got the yellow right. nobody ever gets yellow right.. and yeah.. i’d say the green is emerald as well..

  10. Purly says:

    It’s Girl Scouts green.

  11. Rob Beschizza says:

    Yeah, the yellow is perfect, a lovely rich sunshine gold. The red is almost as bad as the green, fading to the pink — one can only hope these images are badly color managed.

    The blue is nice, with one caveat: it might well be cornflower.

  12. claud9999 says:

    Oh well now I must buy one, or not. (Had one, sold it years ago.)

  13. danilo says:

    Clearly, this is what was missing, Sony. PSP will now be relevant!

  14. Anonymous says:


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