Battle of the Planets Thunderbirds | manga by Artgerm

There's a lot of generally wonderful sci-fi-tinged work in this gallery of 54 "mind-blowing digital paintings", but I'm especially partial to this piece from Artgerm reimagining the Battle of the Planets cast Thunderbirds as a coterie of Storm Shadowesque ninja. It's this sort of stuff that makes me afraid to ever start giving substantial attention to Deviant Art; I'm worried I'd lose too many hours delving. Update: Can you tell that I've never seen Thunderbirds nor Battle of the Planets before? (Title fixed.)
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9 Responses to Battle of the Planets Thunderbirds | manga by Artgerm

  1. carriem says:

    what??? never watched BotP??

    I just sent this link over to my co-worker and he’s never seen it either.

    That’s…crazy. Crazy like growing up without Lego. that’s a huge chuck of yer childhood that’s missing, man.

  2. themark says:

    Definitely Gatchaman (see the big “G” logo at the bottom?) A nice dark and slickery interpretation it is too. Forget the US version “G-force” it was a hatchet job re-edit of the series that made it almost incomprehesible, and introduced the horrible R2D2 rip-off character 7Zark7 as a filler for all the violence that was hacked out.

  3. kiltreiser says:

    I registered with Deviant Art a few weeks back and it’s slowly killing me. Too much pretty, not enough time…

  4. Anonymous says:

    That’s not the Thunderbirds, that’s Gatchaman/G-Force/Battle of the Planets.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just noted this over at our blog – sadly enough :(

  6. ryuthrowsstuff says:

    I would have thought Silverhawks.

  7. Provlear says:

    You’re actually missing out on Thunderbirds, it’s a campy classic, and you’ll spend half the time marveling at the effects.

  8. muteboy says:

    #1 definitely

  9. SC_Wolf says:

    Ah, yes, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman … the series that invented the sentai genre. Countless shows, from Voltron, to Captain Planet, to every incarnation of Power Rangers, are merely an evolution of this original formula.

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