Device Stage: Windows 7's friendlier face of device drivers

Gearlog takes a look at "Device Stage", a new feature of Windows 7 that adds a series of XML-based indices that try to unify the interaction of using devices that may have lots of different functionality. Which is a jerky way of saying that it'll make it easier to see what your magic-do-all printer is doing in one menu, while at the same time allowing the vendors to integrate ominous menu items like "Buy Ink" into your Windows 7 context menu. Color me deeply suspicious.
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6 Responses to Device Stage: Windows 7's friendlier face of device drivers

  1. Gelfin says:

    It’s cutesy that they’ve put a “buy ink” menu item into that popup menu, but it’s hardly an ominous new feature. If I want to sell you something from a popup menu, I don’t need to wait for a convenience feature of Windows 7 to do it. I suppose it’s lucky for you I think using task-oriented UI elements as aftermarket sales opportunities is needlessly annoying and confusing to users.

    I mean, was customer inability to acquire ink a big problem? And is this menu item trying to tell me I need to buy ink? Besides which, generally when a printer I’m using needs ink, it’s either a work printer where I’m not the one responsible for buying the ink, or it’s a home printer and I need the ink soon enough that I’m going to go let myself get gouged at the local Big Box so as to get my printing done. On the other hand, if I’m thinking far enough ahead to not let myself get gouged at the Big Box, and to be prepared ahead of time for one color of ink to inevitably run out well in advance of the other three, then the Extreme Convenience of the menu item is not going to be an especially compelling feature.

    It’s just a stupid, poorly thought-out feature, and even as a Mac user, I feel obliged to affirm that, yes, it was still stupid even when Apple did it. The only thing I can say in that case is, at least the button that herds you into Apple’s online store to buy supplies appears underneath a report of supply levels so it’s clear whether or not “Buy Ink” is an option or a directive.

  2. ksteele says:

    Doesn’t really matter does it… I think the point is… Microsoft is again taking it upon their selves to control your spending whilst making more money from both the consumer and the advertiser.
    Adding yet one more resource eater to the already over taxed operating system context, sucking that much more time away from you as you wait for your page to load.

    Incredible that Microsoft feels that they can give and take as they please without asking first…. More sooner than later I hope that they feel the wrath!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Whenever vendors are deeper integrated into the operation system, i think it ominous…

  4. howaboutthisdangit says:

    “You have printed two full pages on this cartridge. Would you like to buy ink now?”

  5. SeaBrettBurn says:

    The ability to order printing supplies is already a “feature” of Mac OS X. Why would the same “feature” in Windows be ominous?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Because Mac is the Holy Grail here. Don’t bother arguing against it…

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