MyRacer MP3 player has adorable OLED pixel-art UI

Oh, you know no one's going to buy one of MyRacer's cute little Lisse S10 MP3 players over an iPod Shuffle... but christ, isn't that pixel-art OLED display just gorgeous? Too bad it's unlikely to ever come out over here. MyRacer [Official Site via Engadget]
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3 Responses to MyRacer MP3 player has adorable OLED pixel-art UI

  1. stygyan says:

    Well, I just got as a gift an iPod Classic. The old one, the one with 160gbs.

    No way i’m going back

  2. Itsumishi says:

    Why would we not buy this over an iPod shuffle? Personally I’ve never understood why someone would purchase an mp3 player that has no display whatsoever.

  3. Dungeonbrownies says:


    its easier to hide, it LOOKS parsimonious and minimalist and youre not as afraid to drop it or scratch it. but i know what you mean, not even a simple watch style lcd screen on it means you could get really easily frustrated cycling through songs. I know I would.

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