Video: Samsung Show phone has a pico projector inside

PopSci got their hands on the Samsung Show, an upcoming phone with a built-in pico projector that will be released in Korea this year. I'm completely enamored of pico projectors, despite knowing that it'll be years before they'll emit enough lumens to really show a nice display during the day. But as a fun little adjunct to a phone, a little trick to impress your friends? Totally into it. (Fast forward to 5 minutes or so to see him using the projector.)
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3 Responses to Video: Samsung Show phone has a pico projector inside

  1. spiregrain says:

    He doesn’t use the projector until 5:15, for those of you with lives to lead. Worth seeing, but not worth sitting through the rest of it for.

  2. Toplus says:

    “Show” is not a model name, but a branding that KTF (a major Korean telecommunication company) uses for their (multimedia) cell phone services. Check the “Show” web site and you can see the same logo of the phone on top of the page and at the bottom the “Copyright 2007 by KTF Co.LTD”. I suppose the logo is used in phones that support these services from KTF. Not sure what is the relationship between both companies though.

  3. SamSam says:

    That touch screen look horrible. He’s really squeezing it to get those icons out, and half the programs needed to be hit 4-5 times before they responded.

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