Articulated bedside lamp meets alarm clock with the Lamplight

I love this articulating bedside lamp with built-in alarm clock designed by Avery Holleman, although it really does look more like a desk lamp. Either way, a great space-saving design, and I like the idea that I can turn off my alarm by just swatting the articulated arm to shatter against the wall, tetherball-style. I usually have to pick it up and dramatically hurl it against the wall. Timelight Alarm Clock [Coroflot]
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2 Responses to Articulated bedside lamp meets alarm clock with the Lamplight

  1. shanefer says:


  2. m0jumb0 says:

    oh man i hate it when you guys post projects and trick me into thinking i can actually buy something like this! I guess for now i’ll just duct tape an alarm clock to my desk lamp

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