The LG Renoir is virtually immortal

The Unbreakable of cellular phones, the LG Renoir: freezed at sub-zero temperatures for 12 hours, thrown against the floor, jumped upon, spun-dry for fifteen minutes, drowned in wine, run over by a Ford Focus... and still working fine. LG Renoir Crash Test [ via Engadget]
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10 Responses to The LG Renoir is virtually immortal

  1. Brettspiel says:

    English is not a dead language.

  2. Not a Doktor says:

    But is the software any good?

    oh god it’s the razor all over again

  3. TJ S says:

    Apparently they’ve fired up the production lines at the old Game Boy factories.

  4. Brawndo says:

    @ #6 ; I think you must be right. That’s the second time in the last hour I’ve seen someone on the Internet use the word “freezed.” The first one was on the Weather Channel’s website!

  5. Scuba SM says:

    That sold me. I think phone companies ought to start doing mini-infomercials, showing what kind of abuse their phones can take. All the gadget companies have been focusing on cramming more into smaller packages. I think we’re really close to feature saturation on our small, omnipresent gadgets (i.e., most of the features that most users will use on a regular basis are available, for our current level of communication technology). I’d like to see Durability rise in importance for manufacturers and reviewers.

    Also, get off my lawn.

  6. pewma says:

    But will it blend?

    that is pretty impressive though.

  7. Dorkomatic says:

    It looks as though it’s been fossilized more than frozen (freezed?)

  8. urshrew says:

    But take an LG EV and tap it slightly less then gently and its turned to an expensive paper weight.

    Damn brand inconsistency.

  9. themark says:


  10. mdh says:

    Good to see Jack Bauer has a new line of work, or was this a terrorists phone?

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