Reutersvärd Heärt

It's not yet Valentine's Day, but our friend Renzo just created this Oscar Reutersvärd-inspired heart and we thought it might be good to share it with you now, the better for you to incorporate it into the pulsing center of your homemade card or cake. If you use it to make something clever for your sweetheart, let me know! Some suggested companion phrases to seed your imagination: "My love knows no bounds"; "Our love is infinite"; "Intertwined forever". Alternately: "Our love is an illusion"; "My love for you is impossible in reality"; "This is how you make my cremasters feel". (Thanks, Renzo; Thanks, Kokogiak!)
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15 Responses to Reutersvärd Heärt

  1. Bootsy says:

    Um, gee: mundane, real love that thinks it is something more but is really just… mundane. So the two surfaces think they are one and eternally cycle but never connect? This is a very depressing Boing Boing post. Way to ruin Valentine’s Day, Joel.

  2. kiddr01 says:

    just when i think i’m going to get to be a smart arse and point out something that no one else has spotted – there’s a gang of other posters have beat me to it.

    i think i’ll just hang about on b3ta from now on.

    It’s not a mobius strip. hrumph.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Those who say this is not a Mobius strip are quite correct because it has more than 1 face and more than 1 edge. However, those who say it is therefore not Reutersvärd-like are wrong.

    Look at

    then zoom in on the Italy figure. It is the same as this heart but with angles instead of curves. It is clearly very Reutersvärdian.

  4. technogeek says:

    “Love is impossible”? Or just irrational?

  5. ZoopyFunk says:

    Alternate phrases, brilliant!

    Our love seems one sided?

  6. Camillo Miller says:

    I go for: “When I see you my heart goes Moëbius”

  7. Brian Copeland says:

    It’s definitely not a mobius strip. It has four sides. Seriously, follow each side along. Even pretending it’s flat, it has two sides. It’s simply got a full twist on it (as opposed to a mobius strip, which has a half twist).

    I’m not sure why there is talk of impossible… this is perfectly embedded in 3 dimensions. Hell, go do it. Just cut out an L shape in a piece of paper, give the ends a twist each, and tape them together.

    If you want something that isn’t properly embedded in 3 dimensions, go check out the klein bottle.

  8. dculberson says:

    “You make me want to strip.”

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t a Möbius strip.

  10. mralistair says:

    there is nothing impossible or single sided about that shape. you could physically make this object (so it’s not a Oscar Reutersvärd ) and if you follow the faces it has a front and a back unlike a moebus strip

    though it is a nice object

  11. joelphillips says:

    It’s not a Moebius strip (it’s not even a thickened Moebius strip). Consequently, I suggest:

    “My perspective on our love is a little odd.”

  12. matt blank says:

    Yeah if you follow it around this is no Mobius strip. Just a bendy heart.

  13. oodlesOfNoodles says:

    Isn’t this more of a Möbius/infinite topology?

    Not as pretty, but Penrose/Reutersvärd triangles have three surfaces and edges while a Möbius strip has one of each.

  14. pork musket says:

    Looks like a mobius strip to me… but I’m the guy that couldn’t draw 3d stacks of cubes in geometry class.

  15. eustace says:

    You might qualify that – while you could make this object, it would only appear to have a uniform rectangular cross-section from one perspective (to view it so that it appears like the illustration above, you would want to put it in a peephole box, positioned so that the perspective it is designed for aligns with the peephole). Ahhhhhh, my daily dose of pedantry…

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