You can have sex with the Muji Tenga Egg

Muji, the austere Japanese lifestyles retailer, something like Ikea meets American Apparel, purportedly sells trays of six Egg Masturbation Aids. Unwrap the Cadbury-like foil, douse the ridged inside with the included lubricant, and scramble. Update: Oops. Turns out it's not Muji, but Tenga. Too bad! I'd have chalked them up to a clever photoshop were it not for this video [embedded below] of one being prepared for use. (It's safe for work, but weird.) Fascinating. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the shells were compostable? And perhaps I'm strange, but I would feel far less creepy putting my waist whisk into one of these than into a Fleshlight. Muji also sells socks. [via The Frisky!]
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27 Responses to You can have sex with the Muji Tenga Egg

  1. Anonymous says:


    thats pretty racist.
    Meet more and stare more,
    you’d be surprised.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just tried out the wavy model and I’d have to say it does the job. While it’s intended as a one time onacup, it’s very easy to wash out and I think I’ll give it another go.

    Also there’s no poky thing at the top of mine, so that’s good. It’s very small but it stretches to fit the *ahem* form well. I never wanted to get an aid before but these were to discreet and not creepy to pass up, really.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anyone have a source for these outside of the US? I checked out Monopole’s suggestion of but they are US only and I’m in Canada.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “I cannot think of any female toys that are disposable.”


    I jest, I jest.

  5. Felix Mitchell says:

    #23 : the inside can stretch, but the ‘shell’ seems to have a rigid hole in it that I’d just be able to fit my thumb into, but no dongs.

    I’m not keen on that little pointy part that appeared when he turned it inside out. When I’m poking some little Japanese thing I don’t want it to poke back.

  6. Halloween Jack says:

    That lube looks like it’s more viscous than egg white.

  7. awood says:

    Yes they’re small, but it seems like they’re meant to stretch, plus I don’t think you’d want a huge one to envelop your whole dong!
    What a great Christmas or birthday present!

  8. Brainspore says:

    Beat that, Cadbury!

  9. pauldrye says:

    Give that to your Kinder and they’d be very Surprised. And you’d probably get ten in federal lockup.

  10. burned1000 says:

    based on the size of their population, i don’t think size has been an issue.. (just saying)

  11. Alan says:

    The lube pouch reminds me of those little to-go things of mayonaisse. As such, I can never look at a mayo pack in quite the same light again.

    Or for that matter, eggs.

  12. Nelson.C says:

    And the socks are washable! As is the fleshlight. So I understand.

  13. dodi says:

    Thanks Monopole. As I suspected, most of Tenga’s products are disposable items, not intended for multiple usage. In the forum at a few people way they reuse them.
    I cannot think of any female toys that are disposable.

  14. brownhb says:

    does look small. . .would it break? at least you can turn it inside-out for cleaning.

  15. dodi says:

    Those are pretty clever. I like the overall design and the different texture options. Very discreet in bedside drawers. None of the links are in English, are these intended for one-time usage?

    I wonder what the Easter Bunny’s position is on these little darlings.

  16. pork musket says:

    This seems like a product from the future, like I saw it in Demolition Man or something. Weird.

  17. monopole says: is the American dealer for Tenga. Very reasonable and rather good (I’ve tried the onacup units) A bit on the small side but they have US sized units. And they ship and bill discretely. They also have an English language forum.

  18. Scuba SM says:


    I imagine he’s trying out a variety.

  19. skrewgun says:

    Ahem, am I the only one that thinks it is unusably small?

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. LogrusZed says:

    Dear Asians,

    Sorry to hear about your small dicks via an advertisement for a jack-off aid. I’m sure being good at math and having first access to Nintendo and Playstation titles more than makes up for your incredibly tiny dongs.

    Warmest Regards,

    P.S.: Thanks for all the hentai you sick fucks.

  22. Skwid says:

    I was thinking the same thing, Skrewgun.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Coat it in fur and market it as anatomically correct tribbles for Star Trek porn.

  24. JoeKickass says:

    Holey shit, that thing is HUGE!

  25. Jaycatt says:

    I couldn’t look away from that video…

  26. grom says:

    It’s so small I accidentally the whole thing!

  27. HeatherB says:

    I feel ill.

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