Samsung packs 32GBs into DDR3

Samsung has just crammed a few more gigs of capacity into DDR3 memory modules. Their new 4 gigabit DDR3 DRAM PC memory chip not only consumes 40% less power than its older offerings, but make DIMM modules of up to 32 gigabytes possible, and we should start seeing modules of 16GB for servers and 8GB for desktops and laptops later this year. Samsung Touts Highest Density Memory Chip [Information Week]
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13 Responses to Samsung packs 32GBs into DDR3

  1. Red Leatherman says:

    #2 posted by Trent Hawkins
    Yes, but can you overclock it?

    Using a 280 amp arc welder, a couple of used car batteries some extra heavy-duty jumper cables and nerves of steel.

  2. prion says:

    To Machinelf: It is the 32-bit operating systems that are limited to 3-ish gigs of useful memory. 64-bit has the limitation raised significantly. For full education, I have linked Dans Data:

  3. spazzm says:

    I likes!

  4. Trent Hawkins says:

    Yes, but can you overclock it?

  5. InsertFingerHere says:

    Wow.. it’s like 4096 Vic-20’s on a single chip!

  6. Capissen says:

    32GB of RAM should be more than enough for anybody!

    (I hope this comment is still archived in five years so that I can come back to giggle at this.)

  7. dculberson says:

    Bardfinn, that is until Windows 8 comes out.

  8. technogeek says:

    The scary thing is not how much memory is available — it’s how much we now think we need. Darn it, I remember when mainframes were under a megabyte…

  9. nixiebunny says:

    The text says that they’re making 4GB and 8GB DIMMs, yet the headline says 32GB. Huh?

  10. machinelf says:

    Thanks, Prion!

  11. machinelf says:

    Is it true that Windows machines can only use 2 or 3 GB of RAM no matter what you have shoved in there?

  12. bardfinn says:

    The end of virtual memory swap.

  13. RyanH says:

    @ #3
    While the new tech makes 32GB possible, the first stuff that will make it to market will be 8-16 GB. So, for now 32 GB is still proof of concept engineering stuff where as 8 or 16 GB is getting set for actual manufacture.

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