Sony's new Walkman phone rips CDs through jack

Sony's new Premier 3 Walkman Phone is a weird one: bubble gum pink, and rips directly from CDs through the 3.5mm jack. That's actually kind of neat, but guess what: the max storage is 2GB in MicroSD cards. Sony Ericsson Premier 3 Walkman phone records songs directly from CD [New Launches]
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6 Responses to Sony's new Walkman phone rips CDs through jack

  1. Symphonix says:

    Duh; CDs don’t fit “directly” into a 3.5mm jack.

  2. LightningRose says:

    There was a time when Sony swore they would never support the mp3 format, and they still don’t get it.

  3. Rajio says:

    Wow talk about being out of touch! Who rips CDs? Who rips so many CDs they’d find being able to do so via phone to be a convenience worth paying for?

    Yeah, welcome to the future sony. This might have been interesting in 1999.

  4. brave_otaku says:

    I have a Sony digital recorder (like the old microcassette recorders) that has this as an advertised feature, but you know what? They slap some DRM on the file and it also requires you use the Sony software to get the file off the device.

    I’d bet this is the same deal.

  5. pupdog says:

    And for those CD’s you have left to rip, who wants to go through a digital to analog conversion, then back again via a headphone jack?

  6. marvelty says:

    I have this feature on my 5-year-old Cowon iAudio … it’s mostly useless (the feature, not the player). It was handy a couple times when I had a friend’s CD I wanted to rip without borrowing it or going home to do it, or at my parent’s place when it would have actually taken longer to rip on their ancient computer. Other than those 2 or 3 times in 5 years though, nah. I definitely wouldn’t have paid extra for it.

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