Autopsy of an EyeFi card

Told by EyeFi to destroy his defective card and they'd ship him a new one, Flickr user les robots decided to get rid of the old card through good, old fashion autopsy. And while usually I don't care much about gadget vivisections, I do sort of find this one oddly fascinating: while the EyeFi SD card is put together exactly how you'd think — a tiny wireless radio attached to some Samsung flash — the use of space is very elegant. Eyefi Autopsy [Flickr]
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One Response to Autopsy of an EyeFi card

  1. nixiebunny says:

    This is news? I do this to everything I own sooner or later.

    I find cellphones in the bike lane (not so much anymore with the economic meltdown) and dissect them as a matter of course. It helps that I have a stereo microscope and every screwdriver known to man, including some I made myself to get out Gameboy screws etc.

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