Dewey: search's vast collection of free music

Searching 626,369 free songs by 2,082 live artists, Dewey is a convenient interface for's massive archive of live music. From developer Dean:
I wanted to listen to the music on the Live Music Archive because it is awesome and public domain, but if you've ever tried to actually do that, you'll know it's a major pain. I wrote a Perl script to crawl through the Live Music Archive and make an XML file of all the streamable songs, and now I'm putting the information from the XML file into MySQL databases to populate this interface. I'm also tweaking the interface to make it look nice and neat. Dewey is named after the Dewey Decimal System because it organizes the Live Music Archive library in the same way that the Dewey Decimal System does. I understand that sifting through that many artists is a bit daunting if you don't know what your looking for. For now, and as the database grows, let me suggest that you use the "Concerts From Today" tab to narrow down your listening possibilities. I will be adding rating functionality shortly and tagging and commenting functionality soon hopefully.

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3 Responses to Dewey: search's vast collection of free music

  1. Daemon says:

    On one hand, free music is good. On the other, I hate listening to music with crowd noises, unless i’m actually IN the crowd at the time.

  2. kyderdog says:

    God that’s an offensive website…
    Opps i mean FAIL…

  3. ab5tract says:

    Live recordings rawk. Thanks mustardhamsters!

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