Japan advertises Google Chrome

This stop-motion advertisement for Chrome courtesy of Google Japan is so peaceful and playfully tranquil, like an old Sesame Street or Electric Company short. How's that Mac port coming, Google?
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11 Responses to Japan advertises Google Chrome

  1. nnguyen says:

    maybe not everything has to be put on a Mac? maybe the world doesn’t revolve around Mac users?

  2. arkizzle says:


    #2 / #4


    Rly rly?

  3. Rodney says:

    No kidding, what’s the freakin’ delay in getting this ported to Linux?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wait, they are coding this for operating systems? I thought the browser was supposed to be the operating system?


  5. Sijay says:

    Get your BeOS team moving, you slackers!

  6. dimmer says:

    Porting a WebKit browser to the Mac? Hard to see the point really.

  7. Anonymous says:

    More importantly, how’s that AdBlock Plus port coming along? Yes, yes, I know I can use Privoxy et al.

  8. Dangerpants says:

    #4 – Are you sure it’s not pining for the fjords?

  9. nnguyen says:

    seriously, my Fedora box has been pining everyday since it heard.

  10. igpajo says:

    No kidding, what’s the freakin’ delay in getting this ported to Mac?

  11. Purly says:

    So pretty.

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