Morning Tech Deals Roundup

Pocket Camcorder – The Creative Labs Vado 8GB 720p Pocket Video Camcorder is just $130 shipped at Amazon, or about $100 off. I've heard these were okay. [Slickdeals] ⌦ Multimeter – Craftsman 8-function multimeter for $10, shipped. [Dealoco] ⌦ Planet Earth – If you have a Blu-ray player and don't already own Planet Earth I can't help you, but on the outside chance this is the case, here's a copy for $35, shipped. [Bargainist] ⌦ Netbook – Acer Aspire One 8.9-inch netbook with Windows XP, 1GB RAM, and 16GB of flash memory for $260, shipped. [Dealnews] ⌦ GPS – Sony NV-U73T 4.3-inch widescreen portable GPS unit for $100, shipped. I don't know much about GPS units besides the basics, but I'm looking to pick something up relatively soon to put into the 2002. I was going to try to put something in the console, then I realized that would be down near the stick and in a bad place for driving, so I may end up leaving the stereo down there and getting a dash unit for up top. Any guidance you guys have about GPS brands and manufacturers is welcome. [Dealnews] ⌦ Cell Batteries – 100-pack of tiny LR41 AG3 batteries for $3.50, shipped. A little small for throwies, but you can figure something out. [Dealnews] ⌦ Art Set – 101-piece art set for $20, shipped. Always good to have this stuff around for kids or yourself. [Dealnews] &8998; Flashlight – Today's Woot is the Garrity 1 Watt Luxeon® LED Spotlight 2-pack for $20, shipped. Photo: Dave Patten
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7 Responses to Morning Tech Deals Roundup

  1. Anonymous says:

    ‘Deal’ Castle in the Deals post, I like your style!

  2. danilo says:

    Garmin, Garmin, Garmin, Garmin.

    While the user experience with Garmin is far from perfect, they have a clear picture of what it’s like to use a GPS while driving. The buttons are nice and fat — very easy to use at arm’s length. The maps are clear and easily read. The hardware itself is sturdy and portable.

    Under no circumstances are you to buy a Navigon. Horrid, shitty Windows CE junk. My boss has one and it has spent a decent amount of its life on my desk, awaiting support or other maintenance. Same goes for anything by Mio. My parents went off the reservation and bought one without first asking for guidance. Unusable worthless garbage. Today it sits at the bottom of a drawer. In ten minutes of playing with it, I couldn’t figure out how the hell to do anything with it. AND IT CAME WITH A STYLUS.

    TomTom’s stuff isn’t bad either. The only choice is between TomTom or Garmin — the other competing brands just don’t get how to make a stable device that’s easy to use on the road.

  3. Jeff says:

    If you need a cheap multimeter, Harbor Freight has one for half that price:
    I bought one a couple years ago, and it works fine for home repair/hobby type stuff. I know, I know, Harbor Freight sells a lot of crap. But this is actually pretty decent for the price.

  4. arocklegend says:

    Oh, btw, the coupon code is for the Planet Earth Blu-ray set at the Discovery Store. Total with discount, tax and shipping to CA: $36.47.

  5. P1rat3 says:

    It’s worth noting that the Planet Earth version that is being sold is the one with Sigourney Weaver narrating rather than the original BBC version with David Attenborough (which I would prefer).

  6. arocklegend says:

    Enter coupon code EML2009 for another $5 off. Hopefully you will feel as exhilarated as I did.

  7. wiskinator says:

    I work in the industry and the Dash guys once gave me a nice sandwich at CES 2008.

    The dash GPS has a great concept.

    The real time traffic is created not by the local gov’s crappy roadside sensors, but by analyzing the locations and speeds of all the Dash units out there. Thus traffic is available for many more roads. The interface was usuable but had “interesting” behaviors.

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