Shark tea-infuser turns diffused tea into gore

The Sharky is a tea-infuser that circles slowly, its accompanying John Williams score inactual but mnemonically incumbent, trickling rivulets of copper-like gore through the steaming, tranquil pool in your cuppa. Charlie Sorrel over at Gadget Lab, who spotted it, queries:
This macabre synergy changes the way I think about my national brew. Who before ever saw the reddish brown stains dropping cloudy tendrils through hot water and thought "blood"? Not you, and not me.
But definitely me: the orange-brown diffusions of earl grey have often reminded me of the welling and diffusion of aqueously spilt blood. My morning tea always reminds me of one tranquil summer day at the seashore, and pretty Sally in her swimsuit, who just wouldn't stop strutting before the boys, and the anger and hurt and rage and hate until I am suddenly alone, crying, bobbing in a pool of red, far past the point where lifeguards still descry. Shark Attack Tea Maker [Design Boom via Gadget Lab]
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9 Responses to Shark tea-infuser turns diffused tea into gore

  1. ZoopyFunk says:

    These would go great with the Bodum Thermals….

  2. Takuan says:

    lovely! It’ll go with the clear pyrex tea set.

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    Who hasn’t had THAT happen to them in a public pool?

    -am I right folks?

  4. Cnoocy says:

    On the tea = blood front, I used to sacrifice tea-bags to Quetzalcoatl in college. The high point is the spurts of tea when you squeeze the bag after ripping it from the still-steeping cup of tea.

  5. Anonymous says:

    where can I GET this?

  6. TJ S says:

    3, 4:

    People like you are why I fear, and love, this place.

  7. ShortTheSystem says:

    This makes me want to start drinking tea.

  8. PeerB says:

    The only thing is that the image is 100% photoshopped. Or we have a liquid with an index of refraction equal to air.

  9. lectroid says:

    LOVE this concept, but it’s clearly a concept, as opposed to an available item or even a prototype.

    Besides the geeky but probably correct observation by @8, there is the fundamental question:

    How does it float?

    And as long as I’m buzz-killing, for the tea-maven, this means your tea is stuck at the surface of water, where it cools the quickest, leading to an inferior brew. Design-wise, the infuser only achieves maximum visual impact with a wide mouthed, transparent cup, again meaning your tea cools quickly.

    Some of these faults could be mitigated by choosing an infuser design meant to be submerged. A severed head or limb, maybe. An octopus or squid ‘inking’ ones’ tea. All these have potential.

    Admittedly, though, none of them are quite as cool as having Bruce bobbing in your morning cup.

    da DUM… da DUM da DUM….

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