First Look: Mission One electric motorcycle

Take a gander at the Mission One, the plug-in electric motorcycle from Mission Motors. With a 150-mile range and a top speed of 150 silent miles per hour, all wrapped up in a Yves Béhar design, the Mission One isn't a crotch rocket—it's a crotch whisper. In a good way. (I'm not much of a copywriter.) Price? For the first 50 "Premier Limited Edition Mission One" bikes you'll be dropping $69,000. (Yes.) Availability? Early 2010. Gears? One continuously winding CVT. Recharge time? Look, we're in excitement mode here, not practicality mode. That'll come soon enough. (But I have the answer anyway: 2 hours on 240V; 8 hours on 120V.)
Specs after the jump.Powertrain Battery Pack High Energy Lithium-Ion with Integrated Safety Motor Liquid-cooled, 3 phase AC Induction Torque 100 lb-ft @ Zero RPM Transmission Single speed, #525 O-ring chain Chassis Front Suspension Ohlins, 43mm inverted fork, fully adjustable Rear Suspension Ohlins, single schock w/piggyback reservoir Front Brakes Brembo forged 4 piston calipers. Rear Brakes Brembo, 220mm disc; single-piston caliper Wheels/Tires/Front Marchesini forged Al 3.5”x17”, 120/70Z Wheels/Tires/Rear Marchesini forged Al 6.0”x17”, 190/55 Target Performance Top speed 150mph Range 150 miles per charge (Est. under EPA drive cycle) Recharge Under 2 hours @ 240V (8 hours @ 120V) Features: Adjustable regenerative braking, Intuitive/adjustable data acquisition system
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29 Responses to First Look: Mission One electric motorcycle

  1. P1rat3 says:

    Not bad, but I am still waiting for a recumbant Akira style electric motorcycle before I put my money down.

    Preferably made by Honda…

  2. regularfry says:

    Ernst Gruengast: “who accelerates 0-60 at 0 rpm?. What’s the torque when the trottle’s turned up?”

    Well, yes, but what other data do we have? Besides, it’s usual for electric vehicle drives to have fairly constant torque from 0rpm, so I don’t think it’s that bad an assumption. Also, if it did have remarkable (or even average) acceleration, wouldn’t they be crowing about it?

  3. vetnoir says:

    Cool, and I’d LOVE to take one on a test ride, but It is WAAAAAAY too expensive.
    Also, I do wonder about the silent thing from a safety perspective. It seems like lots of times other motorists may not have even noticed me but for the sound of my bike.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice specs but the design could be better… From the front it looks pretty cool but from the side and back ridiculous. Also, electric motorbikes wouldn’t need to imitate the shape of gas bikes so much, as the technologies inside are totally different.

    Anyway, I’m delighted to see electric bikes and cars coming from many different manufacturers. I’m now 24 and I’ve made a promise for myself to never in my life buy an internal combustion engine car.

  5. Skwid says:

    Top speed means much less to me than 0-60 time, and then 60-90 means at least as much.

  6. Alpinwolf says:

    RegularFry- Agreed, I see your math as accurate as far as it goes, but I’m pretty sure torque and horsepower (or N*m and kW) aren’t given where the rubber meets the road, but at the output of the transmission. Or at the crankshaft (or electric motor rotor), which would have yet another effect, but I *think* it’s after the tranny.

    Either way, it doesn’t account for the rest of the driveline, which usually has yet another gear ratio curveball. The rear differential in an auto changes the final drive ratio, and so does the chain drive on a bike. Check out the pics: as usual the smaller gear is driving the bigger one, so there would be a positive torque multiplier proportional to the tooth ratio, at the expense of wheel speed.

    Just by calibrated eyeball, I’d say there’s a 1:3 gear tooth ratio, which would put the at-the-rubber torque closer to 300ft*lbf, or about 407N*m, which gives about 1,627N at that radius, and with your assumed mass (“ass-mass” for short) an acceleration of 6.51m/s^2, for a 0-100kph of about 4.3s. Ahhh, much nicer. If the gears are 1:3.5 or 1:4, even hotter, but that’ll start to erode your top-end-speed potential.

    As for dynomometer measurements, I’m still not sure, but there may be a conversion factor built in to the testing program based on vehicle stats.

    I didn’t completely pull this outta my ass-mass, but it is past my bedtime, so if I’m off my rocker just pass me the Flambé, and I’ll go get a glass of milk. :P

  7. Anonymous says:

    Regularfry – there is no accounting for gearing in your calculation. 100 lb-ft is serious superbike territory. To put it into perspective, a Ducati 1098R only produces a max of 99.1 lb-ft

  8. brianary says:

    I’d sure like to get an Enertia Bike, but they’ve been taking reservations for imminent production for so many years now, I despair ever having one.

  9. seric says:

    Nice, but I just won’t spend more than $20k on a motorcycle. I need to be able to afford to replace it if I’m gonna ride it the way I want to.

    Although the electric dirtbikes from in Scotts Valley, California are pretty cool. And at $7,500.00 they fall into the toy category, instead of the sitting in the living room behind glass category.

  10. adamstjohn says:

    Gods, but it’s ugly.

    Vetnoir, the silence is indeed a potential safety issue. In Japan, electric sccooters have whirring “noisemakers” fitted to warn pedestrians.

  11. regularfry says:

    dculberson @1: it takes 4 times as long for half the RMS voltage because there’s a square law in play. Assuming a linear load, doubling the voltage doubles the current, but the total power supplied is proportional to current squared.

  12. Anonymous says:

    vetnoir, if you’re relying on your bike’s exhaust sound to warn other road users of your presence, I sincerely hope you carry your organ donor card with you. I suggest you investigate a defensive riding course instead, assuming you wish to take a step that might actually help you survive.

  13. Dustin Driver says:

    AND you can grate cheese on the side.

  14. Dustin Driver says:

    Oooh, or even better, plant your favorite creeper vine on the side.

  15. RedShirt77 says:

    Nice, now how about a model for around town. Vintage roadster styling would be nice.

    And if we are driving electric can’t we figure out a way to have 2 wheel drive?

    0-60 60-90 is not my interest. I want to live! and never burn gas again!

  16. regularfry says:

    Someone check my maths, please:

    100lb-ft of torque gives a force of 534N with a 25cm wheel radius. Assume a mass of 250kg for bike and rider. That gives an acceleration of 2.14 m/s/s. That seems awfully sedate – it’s a 0-60 time of about 13 seconds.

  17. spazzm says:


    240 km range.
    At an average of 80 km/hour, that makes it 3 hours of riding, 2 hours of charging.

    I bet it’s great for tooling around town, but not for touring.

    In any case: I want one.

  18. skramble says:

    its important to know how much it weighs.
    Moto Riders know from experience that a bike needs to be heavy if you plan on traveling faster that 50-60mph. Or else the thing does not really stick to the road and bounces around in a rather unnerving way.

  19. technogeek says:

    Pretty, but the Aptera impresses me more.

  20. Ernst Gruengast says:

    Regularfry – who accelerates 0-60 at 0 rpm?. What’s the torque when the trottle’s turned up?

    Design oddities – 60,000 and no back indicators?
    What’s the back end gonna look like with a licence plate hanging under the tail ? – TERRIBLE!

    The front light is absolutely beautiful – if they’d made the backlight the same shape instead of the silly half-pipe form a plate mount could have been very elegantly integrated and a proper mudguard where you wouldn’t get your ass soaked when it rains.

    Like to see it without the cladding. The general form looks incredibly conventional and I can’t imagine it needs to be – why for instance does it have such a huge tank bulge when there’s no tank? I’m sure the batteries aren’t there – that would raise the centre of gravity up too much.

    Back to the drawing board! Drop everything except the front light

  21. Dustin Driver says:

    @GRIMC: Ah yes, but it would have been better if you wrote: “Get some syrup.”

  22. grimc says:

    @dustin driver

    Get a clue.


  23. Anonymous says:

    go to for old school bikes, that are electric.

  24. regularfry says:

    Alpinwolf @27, Anonymous @26 – thanks, I knew I had to be missing something.

  25. Patrick Austin says:


  26. grimc says:

    Seat height?

  27. dculberson says:

    Neato.. but sooo expensive! I wonder why a 120v charger takes 4x as long to charge versus the 240v?

    It would also be missing some of the visceral thrill of my single-cylinder 650cc bike with a low-restriction exhaust. But it’s a LOT faster.

  28. the_boy says:

    It looks like an enemy from the shareware version of Descent 1

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