Rapid Repair stuffs 240GB drive into (some) iPods

Rapid Repair, an outfit from Kalamazoo, will upgrade iPods to include 240GB of space, using the largest 1.8" drive available. That's twice the capacity of the current iPod Classic.
Unfortunately this drive is only compatible with the original iPod Video versions. It will work in a 30GB, 60GB and 80GB original iPod Video ONLY. Initial compatibility tests indicate functionality only on the iPod Video 5G, but we are working to develop a method to enable use on iPod Classic, and Zune 2G units
They'll send the upgrade for $320, but they're currently out of drives. News page [Rapid Repair]

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8 Responses to Rapid Repair stuffs 240GB drive into (some) iPods

  1. ill lich says:

    Bahhh. . . I say bring back the simple 2gb or 4gb nano; unless I’m on a round-the-world trip I don’t need more than that. I just dump stuff I’m tired of for newer stuff I want to hear every week anyway. And the new shuffles (despite the tiny size) are only marginally better than the original (the built-in USB was a better design idea than carrying around a special dock whenever you need to recharge).

    Most of the people I know with 180gb ipods (even though they all have massive music collections) never bother to completely fill them, it’s either too much work to convert cds and LPs to mp3s, OR they don’t want to clog up their average-size computers with that much music.

  2. earbox says:

    I want this, hard. I was awfully disappointed when I got my new iPod a couple of months ago to learn that the 160 gig version had been discontinued.

  3. zuzu says:

    Newer iPods (those after the 5G which cannot be upgraded) also use that laggy / unresponsive version of the iPod operating system.

    I’ve pretty much converted to using a 16GB microSD in my BlackBerry as my iPod (and my phone, and often my camera too), but if I felt the pressing need to get a new iPod, I’d definitely buy a 5G on eBay and upgrade it in this manner.

    The problem’s always been the scarcity of those 240GB drives though. I’ve never seen them list it as actually in stock. Not to mention the price.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah but what’s the battery life?

  5. FatherSquid says:

    Ha! Not only did I save money by buying an older (5g) version, but I also get to use Rockbox (no iTunes for me!), and can update to a larger HD than anything Apple sells.

    Apple… It’s time to drop the DRM.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Is there a cheap mp3 player that I can install a laptop HD into? Or at least one with large amounts of storage, that I can back up to my PC?

    Basically, I just want an external HD with earphone jack. I don’t need bluetooth, or to watch movies, or play games, or anything. Just a big freakin HD that lets me play music without a computer, and is hopefully cheap.

  7. musicalwoods says:

    I want to know where I can find this HDD by itself. I know how to replace iPod hard drives, so I don’t need to service charge…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ummm, Apple >did< drop the DRM a month ago. Actually, the stories floating around now are how Jobs was pressuring the record companies to let them have ‘DRM-less’ downloads, in exchange for the variable pricing. EMI-Sony was the last holdout, and finally gave in after a call from Jobs to the EMI-Sony head honcho just before Christmas.

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